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Music and astrology: who is Dua Lipa

Let's discover with nss G-Club and Live Nation Italia the birth chart of the pop star to find out the secrets behind her success

Music and astrology: who is Dua Lipa Let's discover with nss G-Club and Live Nation Italia the birth chart of the pop star to find out the secrets behind her success

"I’m a Leo, but I’m also a Libra rising and a Cancer moon, so I’m emotional as f*ck but I’m really tough, don’t mess with me"

This is how the British super pop star Dua Lipa answers when asked about her zodiac sign. And how to blame her: she's just 25 years old and collected two albums, many platinum records and many global hits, including the album that has consecrated her worldwide success, Future Nostalgia, released a year ago. Her fourth tour, dedicated to her latest album, has been postponed due to the pandemic but will resume this year with a date in Milan on October 12th 2021. We can't wait!

That's why nss G-Club and Live Nation Italia explored together birth chart of Dua Lipa to discover everything about her personality and her success.

Born on August 22nd 1995 in London, Dua is a Leo with Libra rising. This combination of Sun and rising sign indicates a passionate, seductive, magnetic and very charismatic personality. In short, Dua is the essence of charm! People born under this sign, love to be the center of attention and excellent performers on stage. Have you seen her unforgettable shows, right? Energy, vocal power and sensuality on top! A true rock star in the body of a goddess. And she showrd this in many artistic performances, like the interpretation of Levitating on the AMAs stage. Perfect vocal performance, accompanied by spatial choreography and a shimmering Versace dress. Pure Leo energy!

Sun sign and rising sign

The combination Sun in Leo and rising sign in Libra also means a cult for aesthetics and physical shape, which Dua expresses in the music video of the disco-pop hit Physical. The rising sign also manages to smooth out the sharpest corners of the Lion, like the boldness. Leo is a very strong, ambitious and goal-oriented sign when it comes to career, able to achieve all the goals they have in mind. Dua Lipa has not only the Sun in Leo, but also Venus. This conjunction of the two planets is positive and prosperous, bringing ardor, social skills and charm to the person. These astrological features are also reflected in the perfect outfits worn by Dua on every occasion: chic and sophisticated, precious, like the total pink ones worn at the last Grammy Awards that left the audience breathless.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo also indicates a very passionate and intense way of loving, it is a sign that loves with all her/his heart and that puts the partner first. Did you see what a couple goal with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid? You can see just how much they love each other and how they always support each other.

Moon in Cancer

Moving on with the analysis of his birth chart, the Moon in Cancer is the next step. This position of the Moon indicates a unique sensitivity and an emotional side. Sweet, romantic, intuitive and with a magical sensitivity. But also empathetic with others. This astrological position is very linked to the value of family, in fact on Instagram you can always see posts and stories by Dua with her loved ones and with her boyfriend Anwar (and also with the Hadid sisters-in-law).

The deep sensitivity of the Moon in Cancer also leads her to get hurt sentimentally, as happened with her ex-boyfriend Isaac Carew. After rivers of tears, her true Leo spirit came out, and she reacted by writing two powerful songs to make things clear, New Rules and IDGAF, which soon became two global hits. Dua Lipa says it directly and clearly in the first sentence of IDGAF: never break the heart of a Cancer Moon with Sun in Leo!

"You call me all friendly - tellin' me how much you miss me - that's funny, I guess you've heard my songs"

Mars in Libra and Mercury in Virgo

Two other essential aspects of Dua's birth chart are the position of Mars and Mercury. Mars is in Libra, enhancing the qualities of the rising sign: elegance and coolness also in her lifestyle, which also underlines how much her personality is artistic and full of charm.

Last but not lest, another influence of Mars in Libra is seen in the issues they fight for: justice, social issues, equal rights and equality. This is what led her to found her own charity association, the Sunny Hill Foundation, which helps children and women in Kosovo, her country. Mercury is in Virgo, emphasizing a brisk and brilliant intelligence, which is able to always achieve goals. A flaw of this position of Mercury is that they often feel overwhelmed by stress and pressure (from others), we hope that is not the case with Dua. Mercury in Virgo also denotes a great skill in creative activities. Dua, your success was written in the stars!