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Orgasms are good for the skin

Almost more than an anti-aging cream, it seems

Orgasms are good for the skin Almost more than an anti-aging cream, it seems

Not that we didn't have our suspicions, but it seems that reaching sexual climax (whether alone or with the help of someone else) has great benefits for our health, including our skin. It's not the only factor, of course, but it's closely linked to stress, anger, and good sleep, all of which significantly impact our overall well-being. The numbers say it, and so does science. So much so that Dazed has posited that orgasms are exactly what's missing from our beauty routine, not necessarily just the evening one.

Does Orgasms Benefit the Skin?

A survey conducted in 2000 by Planned Parenthood found that many people (39% of respondents, to be exact) used masturbation to relax. And they weren't wrong. Low levels of oxytocin in the blood are correlated with high levels of stress and consequently with aging and skin inflammation. How to trigger the release of oxytocin? With kisses, hugs, and orgasms, which then also make falling asleep easier. Easy, right? It's a sort of vicious circle of beautiful skin. But it's not just oxytocin. A study conducted by the University of Michigan found that having an orgasm increases estrogen levels in the body. Estrogen prevents the decrease of collagen and keeps the skin thicker, more elastic, and more hydrated, thus making it less prone to wrinkles. A natural anti-aging remedy, in short. As if that weren't enough, during sexual activity, there's an increase in blood flow in the body, meaning that a greater number of oxygen-carrying cells reach your face. You know that dewy and rosy look you see on your face after sex? That's oxygen, and it helps with collagen too.

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Sex's Benefits

It's not just a matter of skin, of course. "Pleasure and, specifically, the psycho-physical impact it has on our body, offer many benefits," explains Kait Scalisi, a certified sex educator, to The Maudern. "The cocktail of hormones released during sex - which includes oxytocin, serotonin, prolactin, among others - is also to be thanked for the help it provides to the immune system, quality of sleep, regulation of blood pressure, and its effect on memory, improving it." But how many orgasms are we talking about? "Even though some research says our bodies need to have sex a few times a week, the right frequency is the one that satisfies you and your partner, if you have one. Even striving for high standards can cause stress and negate any benefit that sex or orgasm may have," Scalisi concluded.

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No Pressure, tho

Let's not overdo it, though. Let's take to heart Kait Scalisi's advice and not turn sex (and orgasm) into a quantitative rather than qualitative goal to achieve, as if we were at work. Intimacy is a sphere to be protected, even with ourselves, and to be kept tied to desire, not just to skincare. If then there are benefits that go beyond pure pleasure, then all the better.