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Everything you need to know about Freaky Friday 2

Plot, cast and rumors about the most anticipated sequel of the year

Everything you need to know about Freaky Friday 2 Plot, cast and rumors about the most anticipated sequel of the year

A teenage rocker with red hair (Anna) who wants to conquer the world, a mother concerned about her future (Tess) who doesn't understand her and wants to marry a man who her daughter doesn't like. They couldn't be more different, opposite. So much so that they do nothing but argue, risking to drift apart. To solve this problem, a powerful spell contained in a fortune cookie comes into play, swapping their bodies. In the end, both will understand each other's point of view, and they'll be relieved when they can return to their imperfect (yet beautiful) lives together. Freaky Friday hit theaters in 2003, directed by Mark Waters and starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, and the world has never been the same. Despite being the third adaptation of Mary Rodgers' young adult novel, this is the film that has remained most vivid in millennial memory. So much so that now, everyone eagerly awaits the sequel.

Freaky Friday 2, the Announcement

How did it happen? What did we miss? Let's start from the beginning. After a long hiatus from the scene, Lindsay Lohan returned to acting with two romantic comedies for Netflix: "Falling for Christmas" and "Irish Wish." At the height of her renewed success, on March 4th, during a radio appearance, came the confirmation everyone had been waiting for regarding rumors that had been circulating for months: Freaky Friday 2 is in the works, and Jamie Lee Curtis will also return to the set, as she explicitly stated a few days later via Instagram, posting two photos with Lindsay: one from the film, one from the present. Since then, speculation has never stopped. Fans want to know what will happen in the second film, who will return, who won't, when it will be released, and where.

What Do We Know About the Plot?

We know who will direct the sequel. It's Nisha Ganatra, a director known for her work in both film and television, including "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and who directed the romantic comedy "Cake" starring Heather Graham. According to Entertainment Weekly, the sequel will also feature a body swap, one of the most beloved tropes of early 2000s cinema. However, it won't happen between Anna and Tess, the mother-daughter duo from the first film, but between them and two teenage girls. These are Harper, Anna's 14-year-old daughter, and Lily, the daughter of Anna's future husband, Eric. Some additional information comes from casting calls for these girls, new additions to the cinematic universe. For Harper, they were looking for a tomboyish girl with a sharp sense of humor, who doesn't want her mother to marry Eric, a British restaurateur. Finally, we know that Anna's all-female band, the Pink Slip, will return in full force, and their music could play a significant role in the film.

Where to Stream Freaky Friday

While we wait to find out what will happen in the second film, which girls will embody Heather, and how Anna and Tess will solve the small inconvenience of ending up in the bodies of two teenage girls, let's revisit the classics. The 2003 film is available for streaming on Disney+, perfect for spending an evening with lifelong friends eating popcorn and gummy candies or perhaps rewatching it with your mother, for that thrill of generational misunderstanding (or understanding) that culminates in a nostalgic laugh.