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Quali sono i trend nati online nel 2021?

Le tendenze più forti dell'anno secondo i dati di Lyst

Quali sono i trend nati online nel 2021? Le tendenze più forti dell'anno secondo i dati di Lyst

The two-year period 2020-2021 was full of difficult moments and as after every moment of deep crisis new ways of approaching normality have necessarily emerged. The fashion trends that most influenced in 2021 are all "born online", that is, born, grown and consumed primarily in digital spaces, where they began to take hold in 2020, then poured into the streets and closets at the time of reopening allowed by the arrival of the vaccine. As observed by Lyst, an online shopping platform that this year analyzed the movements of more than 150 million users, the fashion trends that marked 2021 range from the evolution of cottagecore through the return of the Y2K aesthetic. Driven by the interests of Gen-Z, described as a new pool of consumers to target, the new modes of expression have also entered the moodboards of the Millennials, composing a varied scenario of users who have shaped digital reality, dictated by the new immersive rhythm of Tiktok’s algorithm, whose COO Vanessa Pappas defined 2021 as "a year of connection":

"we’ve seen people on Tiktok Laughing together, entertaining us, starting cultural phenomenons, and teaching us new things"

Here are the trends born online in 2021, according to The Year in Fashion 2021 by Lyst:

Y2K Fashion

The velvet suits Juicy Couture by Paris Hilton, the #freebritney and Damiano David that sends paparazzi to hell with a Von Dutch cap on their heads say only one thing: the 2000s are back. The renaissance of post-pandemic fashion has looked nostalgically at the glamorous past of celebrities, embracing even the grunge nuances of Y2K fashion. On Tiktok the views for the hashtag #y2kfashion have generated more than 220 million views and searches for the term  have increased by 389% compared to last year, with a reverberation on fashion in both luxury and retail: the catwalks of Blumarine, Miu Miu and the new line Heaven by Marc Jacobs outline a renewed interest in glitter, butterflies and ever shorter hems. Another factor that determines the second life of the decade of the beginning of the millennium is the 290% increase in page visits for the Baguette Bag by Fendi, "it bag" of the late 90s and protagonist of the successful product placement studied by Patricia Field, stylist and costume designer of Sex and the City, now considered a cult.

Gen-Z vs Millennials & the skinny jeans' doom


OK GUYS, WHAT ARE YOUR DEFINITIONS OF GEN Z AND #MILLENNIAL? Where all my #zillennials at? #genz #millennials #genzvsmillenial #zillennialtiktok

original sound - Syd & Olivia

Loose pants or skinny jeans? It depends on the year of birth and once again on the algorithm of Tiktok, which has revolutionized the pace of online content consumption by attracting more than 1 billion estimated people per month. The debate between Gen-Zers and Millennials took place with viral videos to declare the definitive storage of skinny-jeans, popular among those born before 1997, and relaunch the trend of trousers wide leg, A symbol of the younger generation that reigns supreme with a +55% in research compared to last year, identifying Levi’s and Weekday as popular brands for the purchase of the model.


Feeding the inner child is a fundamental practice in times of difficulty, and in 2021 the advice of mindfulness was definitely taken literally. The kidcore aesthetic, characterized by accessories inspired by toys, a bright color palette and similar to combinations intentionally not matchati of impact prints is often configured as the predominant trend in men’s clothing. On Lyst, the growth of research for footwear that more embody the new aesthetic current, the Crocs, were requested this year, and added to the wishlist on average 27 times every day. Pete Davidson, Tyler the Creator and Justin Bieber are the icons representative of this new image with a style that takes little seriously and plays with colors and details, such as enamel, which echoes the genderless and a softening of the male figure after decades (if not centuries) of the social imposition of toxic masculinity.


The success of such series as Bridgerton, The Crown and documentaries on the life and style of Lady Diana Spencer have brought in trend the royal core and the princess core, catalyzing the attention of many aesthetes on the style of the English royal family of yesterday and today including Bella Hadid. The model, paparazzata with the necklace "B" by Dilara Findikoglu inspired by the jewelry worn by Queen Tudor Anna Bolena, has sketched research for the term "tudor" at +24% on Lyst in September. The interest for the style passed at the English court yesterday and today is destined to remain alive again next year with the arrival of "Spencer", the film biography on the life of Diana Spencer.



The cottagecore trend exploded last year was based on appreciating the beauty of nature and reunite with their own interiority in a bucolic scenery not far from home. Its evolution, the cabincore, focuses on a mountain scenery, which lives the contact with nature in a more dynamic and exploratory way: the increase in research for climbing boots grew by 234% this year while for warm flannel shirts the increase recorded in the same period corresponds to 145%. The trend combines the technicality of gorpcore and comfort preferred in pandemic, also making the knitwear protagonist of functional and warm looks in the name of protection from external conditions, to return to explore the open spaces with the right means to face any traps to which humanity has become disengaged.