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Milano Design Week 2022: the dictionary of Design

Useful keywords to orient yourself from June 7th from 11th in Milan on the occasion of Salone del Mobile

Milano Design Week 2022: the dictionary of Design Useful keywords to orient yourself from June 7th from 11th in Milan on the occasion of Salone del Mobile
Finally, Salone del Mobile is back - post-pandemic will be called Supersalone - that is, the coolest showcase in the world of design. The appointment is from September 4th to 10th in Milan, and together with it the Fuorisalone, with many exhibitions and events far from the Rho fair (the Green Pass is required and the purchase of tickets is online). In short, the Milan Design Week, the Milanese design festival that has been missing for 17 months due to Covid, promises news and also a lot of sustainability. But are we really sure we're chewing on the right terms? Babbel, the linguistic app, to allow you to orient yourself in the complex ecosystem of Fuorisalone 2021, has helped us to define the 10 useful words in the glossary of designers (or design lovers). Suppose you, young Carrie Bradshaw, meet an Aiden Shaw and can't resist the chair he made - and an upcoming date. Here's how to make a good impression.



A neologism born from the syncrasization of the words "architect" and "star", it is used to refer to a famous architect, often at the center of public attention.


Biophilic design

The "biophilia", or the love for all forms of life. In design, this creative approach makes it possible to establish a connection between living and its surroundings. One of the most famous examples of biophilic design in Italy is the Bosco Verticale in Milan.


Today we speak of "built-in" to indicate the opposite of "free-standing" to refer to an installation.


Design for disassembling

A design concept born out of the low recycling rate that characterizes the construction industry. This design style studies the environments in order to facilitate future changes and dismantling. By doing so, we try to ensure the most efficient of recycling and ensure that no material is wasted.


A cooler way to indicate the neighborhood during the Supersalone: from Isola to Brera.



Better known in Italian as sustainable design, it denotes a particular respect for the environment during the entire life cycle of the product, from design to disposal. The attention to the reduction of waste through energy and materials used is also very important.


We often read in a newspaper or a trade magazine. In practice it is the term in reference to household appliances.



Feng shui

A concept that transcends design: Feng Shui is an ancient Taoist art and philosophy, which can also be applied to design, organizing environments according to the principles of harmony and serenity to create welcoming and comfortable spaces.


Green Building

It is used exclusively to indicate a building that respects the canons of environmental ecology and is sustainable for the territory.


Urban Hubs

In Italian it can be literally translated as an urban hub. Indicates the poles of innovation and creativity designed to establish a physical point of reference on the territory, thus fueling the interactions between innovation and business.