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Women’s success realities in the food communication sector

From tramezzini to haute hotellerie

Women’s success realities in the food communication sector From tramezzini to haute hotellerie

The future of lifestyle is tinged with pink, especially the communications and digital marketing industry. In Milan, the most important and established businesses are all run by women: creative and enterprising, because beyond the legs, there is much more. More and more restaurants, brands, starred chefs and wineries are becoming more and more numerous that rely on these competent, but above all extremely innovative, female entrepreneurs. These are women who manage to reinterpret food in an aesthetic and conceptual way, organizing unique events, developing original communication strategies and clearing all the clichés still present. Esteem and admiration now also come from male interlocutors who recognize the skill and added value brought by these female entrepreneurs. 

We set out to discover these agencies and companies starting from the iconic Milan, a nerve center for PR and all-round communication. Let's then discover together 5 realities born thanks to the courage and genius of these women.


Alessia Rizzetto, Via Cesare Correnti 12, Milano 

In the heart of Milan, if you say "Food PR & Communication," you immediately think of Alessia Rizzetto, founder and creative director of the eponymous communication agency specializing in food & beverage, catering and hospitality. Hers is a story of female revenge in a world that until a few years ago was masculine and macho, but thanks to her incredible professionalism, perseverance and determination she has managed to become a reference point for famous brands around the world. Founder Alessia says "passion is energy. This is what has to move your ideals to make them become those of your team."


Clara Nanut, Via Cesare Correnti 12, 20123 Milano (MI)

We continue our journey with Clara, Gorizian by origin and Milanese by adoption, also a lover of beauty and bearer of good taste at the table and beyond. "Gourmode" is her jewel, her boutique digital agency, perfectly described by her motto "gourmet à la mode, chic with appetite." Hers is a Belle Époque vision that is irreverent and never banal. She portrays herself as a true couturier, capable of tailor-made projects supported by an incredible creative vision. She has long collaborated in the beverage & food sector with Obicà, Hotel Savoy, Pasticceria Gatullo, Belvedere Vodka, Ferrari Trento, Tenuta Primero and many others. Not to mention her presence in high-end beauty projects such as Caudalie and Espressoh.


Alessia Fattori Franchini, Corso Monforte 16, Milano 

An undisputed Milanese icon, we are talking about Alessia Fattori Franchini, founder of AFF Comunicazione. A versatile and eclectic woman. The world of fashion and jewelry is her second home. She treats any industry with extreme expertise and meticulousness. AFF is an agency specializing in luxury and lifestyle with clients also in the hospitality & beverage sector such as Tenuta San Guido and Sereno Hotels.


Luisa Bertoldo

On the other hand, if we talk about food, design and holistic approach to communication, we cannot fail to mention Luisa Bertoldo. Luisa, mother of the beautiful Giovanna and partner of the famous comedian and actor Francesco Mandelli, never ceases to amaze us with her creative projects with a strong empathetic impact. This is exactly how her brand "Bagni Luisa" was born, which as she explains is "a line of simple objects, with an all-Italian touch."


Chiara Ricci, Corso Lodi 59, Milano 

We conclude our journey with Chiara Ricci Design. A communications agency specializing in food and restaurant marketing.  Innovative projects from paper to digital followed by Chiara, a lifelong food design enthusiast, who describes her world this way "through my projects I love to tell stories. Stories of people, passions and traditions." 


Martilde Favilli

How can we not mention Lady Tramezzini, the fabulous and eclectic Martilde Favilli, founder of L'Altro Tramezzino and creator of concepts and events that cleverly combine the food sector with music, so much so that she has earned the esteem of all Milanese and beyond. Martilde.F, as she is known on social media, has turned a simple "baretto" into a venue, which not only makes delicious Venetian sandwiches, but is a true institution. Her fame and skills in catering, event organization and marketing are so obvious that she has managed to convince famous Milanese venues to collaborate with her. One example? The event held in partnership with Chuck's Milano and "Wish me sandwich" featuring star chef Yoji Tokuyoshi.

Giulia Castelli, Riviera Creative Space, Via Gorani, 4

Elegance, attention to detail and an all-female team distinguish the communication of Giulia Castelli, Brand Strategist & PR in the lifestyle sector but also food communication. In addition to managing the communication of luxury realities in the world of design, such as Nilufar Gallery and true International, Giulia and her team have contributed to make bloom a gem on the rooftops of Milan, Horto Restaurant, is a restaurant that follows the Philosophy of Ethical Time focuses on raw materials with reduced supply chain, and Lombard products elevated to the maximum aesthetic power to ensure guests a true sensory experience.