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Is The O.C. getting a reboot too?

California here we come!

Is The O.C. getting a reboot too? California here we come!

Is The O.C. about to come back? Maybe. It's been years that fans, sadly orphaned by Sandy Cohen's huge eyebrows, Marissa Cooper's preppy-glam style, Ryan's perpetually sullen expression and that cool nerd Seth, hope to watch the protagonists of the teen-drama back on the screen with new stories. Periodically rumors start popping up about a possible reboot that are then denied, but now there are clues that could make happy all the nostalgics of the series. In these days, in fact, Rachel Bilson aka Summer Roberts has posted on her Instagram profile a photo with Melinda Clarke, the actress who played the character of Julie Cooper. The two former colleagues, both dressed in a white top and light make-up, smile towards the lens and leave us with an enigmatic phrase that could anticipate a new collaboration: "Flashback Friday? Wait for it…"

Rachel, who last year had a brief casual reunion at JFK airport with Seth-Adam Brody, has always been the only member of the original cast to have stated that she would gladly participate in new episodes of The O.C.:

I would be open to a reboot. It's such a fond memory for me and I am so grateful for it. - The star had said during an interview with E! News - My favorite memory filming The OC was just laughing all the time. I got to work with a lot of funny people. Adam Brody was super funny and Chris Pratt, when he was on the show, was one of the funniest people I've ever met in my life.

Rather than a reboot, Bilson hypothesizes a spinoff focused on Seth and Summer, who has since become a lawyer, still happily married, perhaps with teenage children. The title? Summer Breeze.

In early 2020, Michael Thorne, Fox's entertainment chief, had said none of the actors would be available to return to the set of the cult show: 

The O.C. will not happen despite my deep passion for it to come back. No one is available, unfortunately. I would be lying if I said "I didn’t ask" every June (which is when you start working on series for the following TV season). 

Even more negative has always been, however, the creator of the series Josh Schwartz (currently working on the reboot of Gossip Girl) that during the 2019 edition of the summer press tour of the American Television Critics Association said:

We were asked about doing a return to The O.C. to see those kids grown up. For us, that was a very, very singular story. We felt like we completed that tale by the end. 

After other 90s-2000s cult series like Gossip Girl and Sex & The City also have reboots in the works, it's likely that 2021 will be the breakthrough year for The O.C. as well. According to an anonymous source, there are hopes of hearing Phantom Planet's California, Here We Come theme song again. As reported by Deux MoiHBO Max would plan to reboot the show with at least part of the OG cast, although it seems almost certain that Ryan-Ben McKenzie, the Chino boy adopted by the Cohen family, will not join the project because he "...only wants to do serious work, and hates L.A."

Stay tuned to G-Club for future updates on The O.C. reboot and, in the meantime, enjoy the old episodes that air every afternoon on La5.