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5 swimwear brands to keep an eye on

And to add immediately to your summer wardrobe for the beach or the city life

5 swimwear brands to keep an eye on And to add immediately to your summer wardrobe for the beach or the city life

Summer is approaching, and despite the uncertainty about the upcoming holidays, the first projects for the next summer months are starting to shape up. Whether in the city, on the beach, surrounded by nature or in exotic destinations, summer brings with itself the need for graceful, delicate and sparkling clothing items.

Every year, whatever our plans are, we can't help but choose a new swimsuit to face the hottest months. From minimalistic swimwear for the swimming pool, to the more colorful ones for the sea, or to those with glitter and jewel details that can be worn in the city.

If you are still looking for original and cool swimwear to show off this summer, let's discover these 5 swimwear and beachwear brands selected by nss G-Club, to add freshness and innovation to your summer wardrobe.



Italiana is the new spring summer 2020 collection of the Venetian beachwear brand Lido: a dip in the youth season, in long and sunny days spent on the beach. A return to the years of meetings, friendships, afternoons on deckchairs, ice cream in the evening and motorbike rides. The collection consists of ten models, including six one-piece swimsuits and four bikinis, all declined in a range of neutral and feminine colors, inspired by 90s-style palettes. Lido was born in 2017, combining minimalism, rationalist design and nostalgia for past holidays; the collections are conceived, designed and made in Italy, in particular in Venice and the surrounding areas, using only sustainable and recycled materials.



Nomad Tribe Swim brand was born in Bali in 2016, from the creative energies of two Italian sisters and their commitment to create an elegant, innovative product that would make any woman feel good with herself. The inspiration comes from life on the island, from a nomadic and wild lifestyle, and an experience of total freedom. In 2017 the brand arrives in Europe, grows and evolves between Geneva and Milan. The Summer 2020 collection offers products for all tastes and needs, available in neon colors, patterns and monochromatic shades.



Oséree was born in 2015 from the common and shared idea of ​​two young creative girls. Where does the brand name come from? From the French word Ose ("to dare"), which encloses the sensual and sophisticated concept of its products. The brand celebrates quality and tradition with a modern approach to made-in-Italy. The romantic, bold, sparkling style is expressed in products that are rich in details but at the same time essential, never excessive. White beads, glitter, gems and lurex fabrics.. the perfect swimwear to shine with our own light and show off an incredible tan, even in the city.



UND Swimwear combines high quality materials and fabrics, style and performance with a great attention to sustainability, environmental impact and ethical production. In a perspective opposite to the fast fashion, UND creates products that are destined to last over time, to become a key item of our summer wardrobe. The swimsuits, made in Italy with recycled materials and fibers, are also born in this case from the vision and aesthetics of two young women. Light, delicate and minimal, an iconic piece for next summer and those to come.



The love for fashion and the sea, this is Mimì à la Mer, brand of the Milanese designer Michela Occhetto, was born, who decided to concentrate her creativity in the world of beachwear. The passion for the 60s and 70s and the elegance of those times is interpreted in a modern way, recalling a retro style. Particular attention is given to the excellence of the materials, the research focuses on the choice of color palettes with a vintage flavor, film-inspired design or from old photographs, which result in a poetic product, which makes us dream of a summer of past times.