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6 sustainable beauty and lifestyle platforms

To understand what clean beauty and sustainability really means and discover ethic products

6 sustainable beauty and lifestyle platforms To understand what clean beauty and sustainability really means and discover ethic products

How many times have we heard about sustainability, cruelty free and vegan cosmetics, design objects made with the use of recycled materials and fibers, eco-friendly beauty products... but what does the word sustainability really mean?

In the beauty industry, as well as in the wellness and lifestyle world - which are getting closer and closer to each other according to a concept of holistic beauty, which comes from within - sustainability is a term that takes on a number of different facets.

So, how can we understand what it really means and where to find the right products? nss G-Club selected 6 sustainable beauty and lifestyle platforms which, through mini interviews, helped us answer these questions.



Plentiness was born in London in May 2018 (and is now based in Milan), inspired by the British approach to beauty meant as "fullness" (this is what the word plentiness means), or wellness as experience, balance and exploration. Plentiness' approach to sustainable beauty is scientific but at the same time lighthearted - aimed at showing that sustainability can be a beautiful, pleasant, fun experience - promoting a healthy and conscious lifestyle that is also free and contemporary.

"Sustainability is a journey: it is accomplished with small steps, starting with daily actions that, even if apparently "small", can make a difference and have a greater impact, such as beauty and self-care. Plentiness means fullness, because beauty never means privation, but wellness at 360 degrees, which starts from within." - as the founders Simona and Linda told us.

What are the criteria for Plentiness to verify sustainability? The first pillar, essential for Plentiness, is the essence: how the product is made, what the ingredients are. Then there are other criteria that are based on the design of the packaging, on the use of recycled materials, on the supply chain, and also on work ethic. Some brands we offer use, for example, innovative packaging, which can be fully recycled as in the case of the Italian brand Eywa, whose packaging is made of a vegetable polymer that looks like plastic and also employs a community of women in Burkina Faso; or the case of Codex Beauty, an American brand whose packaging and products are derived from sugar cane, significantly reducing the environmental impact on resources.

"For those who want to approach the world of clean beauty, we have created a solution: we offer the opportunity to "test" and approach this world with a first gradual and personalized approach through the Sample Box, a unique and personalized selection of products in mini size , to start a journey in this world by trying the best products directly on your skin. Our motto is buy less, buy better." - added the founders.

Which are the best sellers for Plentiness? Some brands that are getting an excellent response on the platform are Faace, which offers 3 types of face masks according to the needs of your skin while paying particular attention to communication; also Upcircle, particularly appreciated by the younger audience also thanks to the excellent quality-price ratio, and puts back into the system materials and waste from the food chain using them in its own production.




23 St Beauty was launched in 2019 from the idea of supporting and promoting real, natural and sustainable beauty, without compromise. It is a point of reference in Italy in the clean beauty panorama, guiding the consumer towards more informed purchases, guaranteeing full transparency at every stage. It promotes cosm-ethics: safe, natural, effective.

"In Italy this is still a partially unexplored world, but there are some positive signs and a new sensitivity towards this issue. People are increasingly aware and ask the market for more transparent and safe products for their well-being and the safety of the planet, asking questions about the origin of the products, the ingredients and the real sustainability of the production chain" - told us CEO & founder Costanza.

What are the criteria for 23 St Beauty to verify sustainability? 23 St Beauty follows strict guidelines in selecting the brands they offer: first of all, sharing the same philosophy of sustainable development and the same ethical values. The beauty brands they select are strictly cruelty-free and are committed to making eco-friendly packaging and formulations, favoring eco-compatible materials and wild botanical ingredients, collected in the areas adjacent to the production. This choice enhances native plants, fruits and flowers and protects the ecosystem. Finally, an artisanal production in small batches guarantees freshness and sustainability of the supply chain. Many brands also support non-profit organizations, which work for the protection of the environment and animals.

"In the current market there is a lot of confusion due to some terms like "natural", "organic", "eco-bio", which are used freely and often incorrectly. Our advice is to inform yourself and find good points of reference, choose small independent brands, find out what commitments they make in favor of animals and the environment, where they produce their products... but also always read the INCI and privileged products with a high percentage of organic ingredients and with recyclable packs." - advises Costanza.

Which are the best sellers for 23 St BeautyThe platform presents a refined selection of independent clean beauty brands from all over the world: from the Hawaiian brand Leahlani Skincare, to the Australian Edible Beauty, to the Italian Luce di Sorrento. The shopping experience allows you to create, in a few clicks, a conscious and personalized beauty routine, from skincare to make-up, to products dedicated to body and hair care. The latest addition is the lifestyle category, which promotes an all-round sustainable lifestyle, with a selection dedicated to inner well-being and to homeware. Skin care products are the most sought after, from facial cleansers to more specific treatments, like face masks and beauty tools. The natural fragrances for the body are also very popular, such as the perfume al Palo Santo by Rahua.




GES SHOP is the first Italian platform of sustainable cosmetics, a reference point for the Italian consumer, where they can find the best brands for personal care, with totally plastic-free packaging. Gea is the name of the Earth, namesake of Gaia, the name of the founder of the shop. Shop for Gea, name of the IG account and of the website, literally means "buy for the Earth", therefore "buy consciously". The idea of the plastic-free shop was born on August 26th 2019, during a return trip from Mallorca, where Gaia (founder) lived and worked: that is when she decided to give up a new working chapter in the fashion industry, and to open GEA SHOP instead.

"In countries like Australia or Canada, sustainability lies totally in people's mentality and in everyday life, and shops like ours are on every street. As far as Europe is concerned, England is the example we should follow from this point of view and also our neighbor Spain! In Italy we can say that there is a good response, but it is still not enough." - says GEA SHOP's founder Gaia.

What are the criteria for GEA SHOP to verify sustainabilityGEA SHOP starts from the packaging: plastic-free, recyclable, reusable and produced without damaging the environment; as well as the product itself. And finally, social sustainability: Gaia makes sure that the company works ethically towards its employees or third party workers, for example without exploitation.

"To live a sustainable life, you need to totally change your mindset: you can start by eliminating plastic water bottles, one of the most serious problems for our planet. There are many alternatives to drink good water like purifiers, filters, columns to fill your own bottles or the return-to-home vacuum service. Secondly: get informed and do research on the shops closest to you or online to buy bulk food groceries and products for your home and for personal care without plastic." - advises Gaia.

Which are the best sellers for GEA offers all the products that we usually find in our bathrooms, but without plastic packaging: solid shampoos and conditioners (their best-sellers!), toothpaste in any consistency, deodorants, lip balms, face and body scrubs, face and body creams and butters, specific face cleansers, lipsticks, nail polishes, make-up removers, soaps, intimate soaps, and much more.




Indy Distribution is a super young reality - born in the spring of 2020 after a year of research and design - which aims to promote the concept of clean beauty also in Italy.

"Cosmetics has always been my passion, ever since I was a child. Over the years I have focused on this passion and I have dedicated myself to the search for "niche" brands that work with a certain ethics both in terms of ingredients and in terms of environmental impact. Thanks to the trips I made during my previous job, I came into contact with different companies operating in the clean beauty industry and it was at that moment that I decided that this would be my path." - told us Anna, the founder.

What are the criteria for Indy Distribution to verify sustainability? There are many different factors: the selection of ingredients, the packaging, the number of references proposed are just some of the key points to embrace the philosophy of sustainability according to Indy.

"Sustainability is increasingly important and it is the element that makes the difference. Today the consumer is increasingly attentive and is able to make conscious choices. I think it is a necessary evolution of the purchase process. Also in Italy, today, there is much more attention to brands that have an ethics behind them and a true story to tell." - Anna added.

Which are the best sellers for Indy Distribution? Indy Distribution was born, as its name underlines, as a distribution platform, but it has recently also opened an e-commerce: at the moment the focus is on By Mukk, an Estonian skincare line that they distribute exclusively. It is a company that works in an artisanal way, carefully selecting raw materials, with attention to the environment. By Mukk produces in small batches on an island in the Baltic Sea (Saaremaa) in the north of Estonia. All packs are made of 100% recyclable glass, paper and aluminum. Indy is always looking for new brands to test and to include in its portfolio, so keep an eye on them to discover other clean beauty goodies!




The Collection One is a store that offers sustainable brands and handpicked vintage. The online shop opened 4 years ago, and 3 years after they launched a store in Amsterdam. The founder, Lisa, loves to help customers understand the value of the items in the store, giving them the opportunity to touch them and feel the materials.

"I feel responsible for what I sell: I want to explain to my customers where the items are produced, who made it and what it is made of. After seeing how the (fast) fashion industry works (I studied fashion and worked in fashion companies) I knew I wanted to sell items by brands that are honest about their production and use high-quality materials." - told us the founder, Lisa.

What are the criteria for The Collection One to verify sustainability? The Collection One's selection follows 3 main pillarswho made itwhere it was made and what kind of materials the brand uses. The goal is to offer as much transparency to the customer as possible. Most brands in the store are producing in their own factory or a factory in Europe, to make sure the work conditions are good. They don’t select brands that use a lot of polyester in their fabrics and prefer brands that work with certificates like the OEKO-TEX or GOTS certificates.

"I have the feeling that the awareness is increasing, if you look at all the communities and platforms about sustainability that are growing. However, I find it difficult to see big players in the industry claim they are sustainable and I just don’t believe that. You can’t produce an item so cheap when workers also need to get paid. I never hear or read something about the fact that the workers work under the right circumstances and get paid well when a fast fashion brand launches a ‘sustainable’ collection. That is why, when I select brands: transparency is really important." - adds Lisa.

Which brands is The Collection One supporting and selling? A combination of sustainable brands, like Young FrankkAbout ArianneBy SigneHara the label, and also a few local brands. At the moment the Chain Necklace and Bracelet from Young Frankk are the best sellers: they are made of gold plated recycled brass and they are classic pieces you can wear and keep forever!




ada studios offers a curated selection of items that celebrate the art and beauty of ritual, energy, and natural elements; dedicated to all things natural, the studio specializes in adaptogens and other products that inspire a conscious way of living; guided by a holistic principle, ada studios seeks to ritualize long-lasting wellness by improving beauty from within. 

The platform also wants to bring awareness around conscious brands, with a place where like-minded brands can co-exist and reinforce each other.

On the website you will find different sections: the online shop, with a range of product that goes from herbal extracts and cosmetics, to home goods, books and magazines, and more; on the "journal" area you will find editorial content about wellness, mindfulness, yoga, skincare and more; ada studios wants you to "vibrate higher" with the help of their selection of skincare essentialsincensesoapscandlesjewelsscentsfood supplementsoils... to reach a deeper level of wellness and self-care.