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Flux isn't a luxe with Vivicot Italia

Eco-friendly tampons that start conversations about menstrual cycle taboos

Flux isn't a luxe with Vivicot Italia Eco-friendly tampons that start conversations about menstrual cycle taboos

Being a woman in 2021 means being able to run a company and decide for oneselves, but unfortunately it still means not being able to talk about periods freely and pay a high percentage of VAT on every purchase of tampons. SANICOT is well aware of this, an Italian company that since 2003 has been producing VIVICOT brand tampons in non-woven fabric in pure cotton or in organic cotton that has always been certified and compostable, which claims that all women must have access to the use of menstrual devices. But Vivicot is not only absorbent, on the blog and on social media the topics covered range from menstruation to sexual pleasure, to issues that help to overcome the taboos fossilizing the Bel Paese through the normalization of dynamics related to the flow, in addition to a product offer designed for well-being.

Born as an innovative project with an excellent value for money inside, Vivicot tampons have quickly made their way into large-scale distribution thanks to the creative vision of the young commercial director Deborah Pierozzi and her family. The brand continues to grow in Italy, but in recent years distribution has crossed the borders reaching also Korea and America. The international family reality makes a difference on the market for a society that respects women’s rights and promotes equal economic spending. From the research and development laboratories of the brand comes the full range of hypoallergenic absorbers for women and beyond, which uses pure 100% organic cotton and not, bleached without the use of chlorine, chemical binders, synthetic perfumes, not tested on animals for those who are sensitive to quality but also to environmental impact. Talking about tampons, the problem of hygienic waste produced from year to year by the use of devices such as tampons and non-recyclable panty protectors, often chosen because of an alleged lower price and greater availability in supermarkets making it easy and fast to buy non-recyclable absorbents, but Vivicot looks like the best option to solve the problem by having competitive prices compared to other major brands in large retailers.

The strong point of SANICOT products are the absorbents Vivicotbio: the first absorbents to be sold in Italy with 5% VAT, because compostable. In January 2020, the tax decree that lowered VAT to 5% for certain sanitary products (Art. 32-ter), also included compostable absorbents certified according to EN 13432 - degrade up to 95% in 90 days -So the Vivicot Bio, were the very first absorbers to see lowered the VAT of the product and therefore assuming an increasingly affordable price.This year instead all other types of tampons, after being always taxed to 22%, as a pair of earrings or a beauty product, and therefore considered superfluous luxury goods for the primary well-being of a person, will undergo a variation of VAT, that drops to 10% thanks to the great debate on the subject and the new budget law 2022."Cutting VAT on female hygiene absorbers" sounds like a small victory, but the so-called Tampon Tax - or rate on female hygiene products- is far from total abolition or 4% VAT, and Vivicot has always tried to keep prices calm and affordable, compared to other brands more known.

All the absorbers of the Vivicot range, from "BIO" to "Pure Cotton" through the "Be Natural" are cheap products, hypoallergenic, natural, and environmentally friendly. The innovative line VIVICOT BIO thanks to its composition in 100% organic cotton, as well as being certified compostable, is also certified according to the prestigious standards ICEA and GOTS 2010- 2011 Global Organic Textile Standard, obtained through the use of natural fibres from organic farming that meet health protection criteria with reduced environmental impact and workers' rights.In addition to the attention to the environment and inclusiveness, Vivicot also thinks about the well-being of those who wear the pads of the various ranges: all the materials used in the creation of the devices are designed for prolonged comfort during use, organic cotton ensures the breathability and hypoallergenicity of the skin.

Last but not least, even Vivicot tampons' paper is recyclable, but above it is all reusable for infinite tasks: to celebrate the closeness of the brand to the themes such as empowerment and sustainability, we have recycled together with @cheaplobster the best-selling Vivicot models packaging creating a tampon bag with a few simple steps.

Step 1: To recreate the tampon bag, it is necessary to open the box completely and trace the lines of the bag, obtaining four parts: the main body, the covering part, the base and the two side parts.

Step 2 : Once you have drawn all the parts, cut along the edges leaving at least 0.5 cm of extra margin, to glue the parts

Step 3: Now just glue the flaps, starting from the main body and the base, then add the side parts.

Step 4: Let everything dry for a few minutes. To make the bag even more functional, apply handles, insert tampons and put everything in your bag, to bring Vivicot always with you.

A useful and fun idea to bring the brand and its values always with you exploiting the potential of the raw materials carefully selected for the environment. Vivicot products can be purchased in many supermarkets in Italy, especially at the chains Esselunga, Despar, DM, Alì, Iper, Il gigante and Famila but are also available online on Macrolibrarsi, Farmaé and Sorgente Natura.