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The interior and exterior décor ideas of a true aesthete

Indoor-outdoor. From the Nowstalgia trend to green in all its shades

The interior and exterior décor ideas of a true aesthete Indoor-outdoor. From the Nowstalgia trend to green in all its shades

Inevitably, as summer approaches, there is a desire to give the house a new look too. The change of wardrobe, with all the summer essentials from the shell necklace to the straw bag on the wish-list, seems to no longer satisfy our desire for carefreeness. If before the pandemic we used to be content with colorful flowers in the house or on the terrace, now our habits have changed, we even dream of cool walls as the destination to which we can't wait to transport ourselves for the holidays. We give you a summary of the strongest décor trends of the season, both indoor and outdoor, for the terrace but also for the living room. All simple ideas bring change and help strengthen our connection with nature, without disrupting the living room in which we live. 



We learn from great designers to mix the new with the old. In fact, all it takes is one (or more) vintage objects, combined with modern furniture, to give a new colorful vibe. The trends of the Sixties and the aesthetics of the Seventies are back, in a calibrated atmosphere between boho-chic and pastel-cool.


Flashy objects 

It happens to many people that they have chosen minimalist spaces, furnished with very little furniture. And it is precisely here that one longs for extra sparkle, a touch of style that immediately brightens up the room. Among the big trends are colorful vases, golden lighting, a dramatic lamp, a fun carpet or ceramics that bring to mind the Mediterranean.


A touch of indoor-outdoor paradise 

There are those who are lucky enough to own a terrace and those who are even luckier to have a garden. Decorate them, even with thatched details or in classic green. The big trend is to create a union between indoors and outdoors, using the furniture in the house also as outdoor furniture, and vice versa. In fact, the trend can also be reversed, bringing an oasis of green trees into the home to harmonize your home jungle or furniture created for the outdoors.


Green in all its shades 

That everyone has become a little greener in these years of lockdown is a fact. Not only is the color of Generation Z green, but also the taste for home furnishings, from sage to pistachio, has increased exponentially. The green to go for is pastel-like ice cream: from Breezeway to Evergreen Fog to the color of Guacamole, put it on your walls. You won't regret it even with the arrival of winter.



Green is a theme that is unlikely to go out of fashion. The focus is all on materials, as well as a conscious purchase of vintage furniture, perhaps made of wood as a reminder of nature. People opt for natural fibres and products made from recycled materials.