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5 made in Italy brands to discover

They are young, creative and with great potential. Here are some of the new talents of (hand)made in Italy

5 made in Italy brands to discover They are young, creative and with great potential. Here are some of the new talents of (hand)made in Italy

The return of craftsmanship has taken on a crucial role in recent years which, also due to the pandemic, have seen an evolution of the concept of fashion, which from fast has become (very) slow, recreating a new meaning of handmade and made in Italy, which come together to create something new and interesting again. So nss G-Club has identified 5 of the most interesting made in Italy brands to keep an eye on: they were born in recent years and already have a large following behind them. You recognize them by the high quality of the materials, by the attention to sustainability right from the production stage and by the intention to use their hands to make fashion-for-fashion. They have a long-term vision that they boldly translate into every garment - and into a unique social media communication.



The art of taking your memories and transforming them into something lasting, sewing them one by one into handmade garments, produced in Milan: you can read inside the whole childhood of the two designers and co-founders of the brand, Eva and Carolina, shaped on the needs of an adult world but not too much. Acidalatte creates unique pieces, inspired by everything that surrounds us, creating a very interesting mix between creativity and sensitivity. With a playful allure, a little Rossana and a little Little Prince, the brand's goal is to give voice to the childish part of each of us simply by wearing a piece of childhood - or something that can come very close to us.



Upcycling made iconic. Studio Sartoriale is an independent brand that already has the strength to make its t-shirts statement. Can a garment tell the story of a body? Yes, if this is the mission with which it was born. The concept of the brand is, in fact, to enhance the body and encourage self-love: the profiles, the seams, the collars of Studio Sartoriale accompany the lines of the body, highlighting the movement and enhancing it through contrasting colors and curls from tailoring. The garments are unisex to promote the value of inclusiveness, and are made entirely by hand and in a limited edition, with fabrics obtained from the inventories of Italian laboratories.



MTOF is a brand born in 2017 from the experience, craftsmanship and research of Mario and Paola, for over 40 years in the knitwear industry. The project is proudly made in Italy and produces reversible garments using fabric waste, selecting the highest quality yarns to give life to the upcycling project. "What a messy surprise!". The tradition of experience fades with the innovation of the two young designers chosen as creative directors to give shape to the project, Eleonora and Alessia, both from the faculty of Fashion Design, giving life to a new vision that offers garments with a timeless feeling, designed to go beyond the boundaries of the trend and settle in a new dimension of fashion, conscious of the environment. “MTOF is knitting. Period".



Street yet fancy: Sierra Season's style investigates the concept of nightmare and dream, bordering on reality where everything finds its space. Extreme, extreme & more! Made in Italy for only two months, we don't know much about it yet, but we are ready to bet that within a year it will find its place in the streetwear scene - and will never leave it.



Flowers, art, silk, nature, Emilia Romagna. Vivaio Auro represents the tenderness of the first summer sun that looks out from the hill, the first strawberry bite of the year, the sand on the fingers after sunset: the return to the origin, the emotion for the little things that taste everything Italian. Arianna and Matteo, a tried and tested fabric designer / painter couple, choose to create an organic micro floriculture in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Montefiore Conca, after almost a decade of living between London and Milan. Meanwhile, they decide to create a line of accessories in 100% silk on which they depict their images of everyday life inspired by bucolic art and making them with the same care and sweetness that nature requires: their scarves speak of rebirth and natural beauty.