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Creativity and Made in Italy: the SS21 collection by Cormio

Presented at MODES in Milan with a special installation

Creativity and Made in Italy: the SS21 collection by Cormio Presented at MODES in Milan with a special installation

In the Italian fashion scene, not only the big fashion houses surprise us with innovative products and original projects. New talents like Jezabelle Cormio, founder of the homonymous brand Cormio - who presented the SS21 collection with a special in-store installation at MODES Milano - bring a wave of freshness to the fashion industry. MODES goal is to give space and a platform to the young designer through an authentic, interactive, intimate presentation of the new collection.

On this occasion, Jezabelle Cormio told nss G-Club all the curiosities and details about her brand, born in 2019 and today ready to present the second collection. What immediately catches the attention are the colors and shapes, with a playful, ironic, folkloristic mood: a large part of the collection is inspired by the aesthetics of "Tirolo", which immediately brings us back to holidays in Italy and to a familiar world.

"The idea is to bring back a traditional classic that often goes unnoticed, and is little explored in the world of fashion, but which is close to all of us: anyone who looks at the collection will remember childhood memories, the embroidered pot holders from grandma's house or the classic Tyrolean jackets." - told us Jezabelle about Cormio's inspiration.

Cormio's summer collection also wants to focus on the idea of knitwear as something light and fresh, wearable during all seasons including the hottest months of the year. This can also happen thanks to the particular processing of materials like linen knit - a fabric usually not considered by the new generations - which obtains a new meaning through the use of bright and vibrant colors and a girly and playful aesthetic.

Therefore the attention focused on the production of garments, that is entirely made in Italy as the designer explained: from the production to the processing of fabrics, from knitwear to the tailored pieces, everything is produced in Italy, as can also be seen from the tags which resemble postcards and indicate the city where the clothes were produced. Italian excellence and craftsmanship are protagonists. In addition to local production, Cormio is an authentically sustainable brand:

"We pay attention to the materials and the production chain, that are also functional to the design of the clothes. When the use of a sustainable or recycled material occurs in an authentic and organic way, because it is functional to the design, it means that sustainability is part of the mindset and methodology of the brand, is something spontaneous. Furthermore, Cormio's collections are designed to last, to have a meaning over time, being linked to both tradition and contemporaneity." - explains us Jezabelle.

What makes the collection even more interesting, and that we noticed looking at the colorful clothes hanging in the store but also worn by the designer, is its versatility, given by that combination of tradition and modernity. Those who wear Cormio can be free in any context, they can feel more girly and romantic one day and wear the items in a casual and relaxed way the day after.

The future of the brand? One of the brand's projects is to create an increasingly important physical presence, especially in Milan, with a temporary or long-term space in the city. The main goal for Jezabelle, however, is to make the brand grow, in order to allow all those who are part of it to grow and expand together, from producers to suppliers, who for the designer are now like a family.