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Royal weddings: the 10 most iconic beauty looks

Flawless skin and hair (but not too perfect), the inspiration comes from the coolest royals

Royal weddings: the 10 most iconic beauty looks Flawless skin and hair (but not too perfect), the inspiration comes from the coolest royals

After the choice of the dress, the fixed thoughts of every future bride are makeup and hair. There are those who want to appear ethereal, without too many frills, and those who dream of daring a little more than usual. So the attention inevitably goes to the most beloved weddings of all the bride-to-be, that is those of the princesses, to understand to what extent she should move away from the easy-chic allure for a more architectural look. Well, you should know, however, that not all royals have been faithful to the royal protocol. For example, the hairstyle chosen by Kate Middleton is considered one of the most rebellious of all time.


Arriving at the altar with a half-up hairstyle, with flowing curls, was an excellent compromise to the classic label chignon, kicking off a new era of modernity in the Windsor house. To give more romanticism then it comes the make-up by Bobbi Brown, thanks to a game of shadows on the eyes, warm touches on the face, hyper-defined eyebrows and seagull wings and with a final touch the semi-matte colored lipstick pink, the brand's Sandwash, taken up by a similar bonne mine effect on the cheeks.



A similar choice to Middleton, on the make-up side, for Meghan Markle, who opted for a fresh glowy effect, leaving the freckles in sight and focusing everything on the look, a care typical of the Californian-casual look. Her bun, under the veil and well fixed with a 1932 tiara borrowed from Queen Elizabeth, is deliberately voluminous thanks to the creation of soft waves before fixing the crop, finally leaving some subtle rebellious front locks, kept as much as possible behind the ears. Final touch a milky manicure on short and rounded nails.

However Kate and Meghan aren't the only ones who have brought back the trend of less is more, with some variations on the theme. In fact, the royals show that you can also give your face a delicate veil of color and that you can also surprise with an unexpected hairstyle.



This was the case of Wallis Simpson's scarlet lipstick, highlighted even more by a black eyeliner that borders the eye. The crown-shaped hat with colorful feathers in pastel tones also stands out. A sort of aura around a well-pulled bun, which highlights the It-girl's radiant complexion. Like Simpson, Margaret Countess of Snowdon also loved to highlight her naturally plump lips. For her "yes day" he chose to accentuate them even more thanks to a vibrant red, emphasized by her hair, a fluffy crop carried all back and secured by an important crown.



Unforgettable their peach lips, highlighted by the blush in the same shade on the cheeks. Diana Spencer opted for an eyeshadow in shades of blue and with a delicately shimmer touch, which highlights her blue eyes here framed by her iconic haircut, fluffy and scaled, held in the fold by a very showy crown. For Grace Kelly, on the other hand, her choice falls on the lace veil, perfect for discreetly illuminating her lunar complexion emphasized by bold eyebrows.



On the hairstyles side, however, the real rock stars belong to the principality of Monaco. Among the many changes in Beatrice Borromeo's look, the very first one stands out, paired with the pink Valentino Haute Couture dress, with Botticellian curls fixed by a ton sur ton flower crown. The more romantic ones, on the other hand, will love her extra bun, high and closed by a micro braid. Charlene of Monaco, on the other hand, chose a jewel detail, worn sideways on a banana chignon and with a tuft left free to move in the wind. And most importantly, she opted for a waterproof mascara, for the tears of happiness.



They are the simple and effortless brides. Both with black pencil that lines the eyes and creamy crimson lipstick on the lips. All combined with a classic chignon more or less pulled and wrapped by a bright crown. Sofia's idea of not wearing a veil and opting for a low and very voluminous chignon was beautiful.