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nss G-Club Beauty Secret: the weirdest beauty masks to try now

From the booty masks to the boots-shaped one

nss G-Club Beauty Secret: the weirdest beauty masks to try now From the booty masks to the boots-shaped one

It's no secret, beauty masks are one of the hottest trends at the moment and something we can't do without. To have smooth and radiant skin, to enjoy a relaxing moment of loneliness, or simply because some masks are truly irresistible. There is an endless variety of cosmetic masks on the market, masks for any type of skin and blemish, masks for the hair, in different formats such as fabric or cream, and with the most disparate functions.

You think you've tried them all now, don't you? Here we want to deny you. Today's beauty secret is in fact dedicated to all those still little-known masks, which have the potential to become a beauty trend during 2020 because they are truly special. Ready?

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She's a cute booty, yes she is.

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Let's start with the most interesting one. Almost by chance (who believes that?), we came across a mask of the Korean brand MiiN, called BumBum Mask. From that moment on, a world of masks for the B-side has opened up to us. In fact, unexpectedly, numerous brands have created masks designed specifically for our lower back. Some examples? The Derrière mask by Nannette de Gaspé, with a lifting and plumping effect for the area around the buttocks, or the ironic masks of, such as the Internet Famous Cellulite Booty Mask, exfoliating and anti-cellulite.
The same brand offers masks for buttocks with many different functions like scrubs, illuminants, with collagen, but also offers another type of mask, in particular, the boob mask.

The boob mask is another undoubtedly special and little-known mask, already produced by several brands in the beauty industry. offers a wide range, such as the nourishing and calming mask Calm Your Tits, or the Those Boobies Tho breast scrub. Nannette de Gaspé also offers the Bust mask, for a lifting and modelling effect, and the Korean brand Kocostar has its Camo Breast Mask, which in addition to being moisturizing and firming for the skin, has an eye-catching colour that is also a symbol of the anti-violence campaign.

The same brand Kocostar offers a series of bizarre and unique masks, such as the Belly Mask to hydrate and shape the abdominal area, and the funny Bat Eye Mask, bat-shaped patches that perfectly cover the T-zone of the face.
A definitely innovative product of the brand, to replace the most common masks and wraps for the feet, is the Longboots Fitting Pack mask, shaped just like a boot with the aim of giving softness, brightness to the legs and reducing swelling in just 15-20 minutes.

Also in terms of packaging, brands in the beauty industry love to express creativity and innovation with their products, just think of the masks in the shape of a pill or jar of Dr Jart +, for all the needs and types of skin, or MiiN's Don't Worry Healing Mask, that plays with the double meaning of the word "healing" transcribing motivational quotes on the fabric of the mask, or even the Plump Lips mask by Kocostar in the form of tiny heart-shaped capsules.

When we said that there are masks of any kind and for any part of the body, we meant all of them: to finish the list, here is the mask of the brand Two L(i)ps, an activated carbon mask for our most intimate parts. The Blackout Vulva Mask promises softness, lymphatic drainage and rejuvenated skin. Like all the other masks of our beauty secret today, you should try!