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Pink nails for summer 2024: all the inspos

Floral or fluo?

Pink nails for summer 2024: all the inspos Floral or fluo?

Pink nails for summer 2024? A stylish choice that can be interpreted in countless ways. There are many sources of inspiration, and you just need to choose the look that suits you best. We're here to help you navigate this world of Barbie, balletcore, floral, or neon styles, depending on your inclinations and tastes. This way, you won't have to go without your favorite color, no matter your vacation destination.

Pink nails 2024: staying on trend

Among the main nail trends of 2024, the French manicure remains popular. It's been a while since this classic style, a combination of pink and white, first appeared on the hands of its many fans. Gradually, the trend has evolved, giving rise to reinterpretations like the reverse French manicure. Additionally, those who love bright nails might choose chrome nails. Here too pink, perhaps in a very delicate shade, works wonderfully. For an elegant effect that celebrates the hues of flower petals.

Pink nail ideas: plenty of inspiration

Of course, it's not only the current trends that are a great starting point for deciding how to style your nails. Solid color or elaborate nail art? Soft or vibrant shades? These are also questions that help choose your look. Even your favorite season (which doesn't have to be summer!) can be a good guide. How? Let's find out together.

Pink nails with flowers

We mentioned flowers earlier, and now we're thinking of including not only the colors of their petals but the entire buds in our summer nail art. This choice can make hearts flutter, whether you usually have medium-length nails or prefer them longer. Pink pairs perfectly with a wide range of colors, from white to gold. The gradient effect is ideal for those who love soft color choices.

Vintage pink nails

After dreaming of beautiful spring flowers, consider bringing an early touch of autumn to your nails. Just opt for a dusty yet deep shade like vintage pink. This shade can be used as part of complex nail art or in a solid color. Those who love the rain and the typical light of November days will discover that even pink, a bright and lively color, can reveal a personality in harmony with this atmosphere.

Neon pink nails

A bold, vibrant, and energetic pink: highlighter fuchsia can bring a lively touch to all your nails. If this early 2000s style choice excites you but you don't want to go for a total look, there are alternatives. You can give the intense pink exclusively to some nails, which will certainly be among the standout accessories of any outfit. On the other nails, you can unleash your creativity with small designs.

Milky pink nails

Torn between clear polish and pink polish? A delicate shade of milky pink is a great compromise. If you're still in love with the balletcore trend, it's worth considering this idea, as it pairs well with any look you might create from this inspiration. Play with the most romantic pieces in your wardrobe and gather your hair into a beautifully messy bun, for example.

Pastel pink nails

Who loves bubblegum or pastel pink? If you raised your hand, you might also be eager to flaunt nails in this color, and soon. The monochrome effect is truly timeless, and summer 2024 seems to be the perfect season to showcase soft shades, like the softest mint green or, indeed, pastel pink. Plus, it pairs wonderfully with nails of any length.

How to choose the right nail color?

There is no single shade of pink that's more appropriate than another for summer. Choosing a milky pink over a full, intense hue is simply a personal taste decision that can add a touch of flair to your seasonal looks. Our advice is to explore both subtle and vibrant shades to see which one aligns best with your current creativity. Have fun!