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Neptune is in Retrograde

What does it mean for each zodiac sign?

Neptune is in Retrograde What does it mean for each zodiac sign?

With the arrival of summer, the season of retrogrades also begins. After Saturn, it's Neptune's turn. Known as the planet of dreams, mysticism, and illusions, Neptune casts a veil over everything we see. However, these rose-colored glasses could cause some problems. The retrograde motion will make them less strong and also less comforting: it's time to seek clarity and face reality despite everything. This is a positive thing, as it allows us to connect with ourselves in a more conscious way.

Neptune Retrograde, how long does it last?

Neptune's retrograde motion in 2024 starts on July 2 and lasts until December 7. Being the second farthest planet from the sun, the effects of this transit tend to be more gentle and subtle compared to others. However, this particular retrograde starts writing the final chapter of a longer story, so it's important to know how it will affect each zodiac sign. Neptune has spent the last 13 years in its home sign, Pisces. This year's retrograde is special. Once its period in Pisces ends, Neptune will begin a new 84-year cycle through the zodiac. This retrograde thus starts on the brink of a monumental change, bringing with it a highly anticipatory energy. Keywords? Intuition and presence.

Neptune Retrograde: what it means for each zodiac sign

Aries: Whether you realize it or not, the next five months could be crucial for your inner growth. Neptune Retrograde will test your intuition and your ability to introspect. Pay close attention to your dreams, they could reveal things about yourself that will help you understand where to focus your energy. You are on a journey, especially emotionally.

Taurus: You feel like a small fish in a big pond, lost and insignificant. Neptune Retrograde helps you find your place in the world, your purpose, both at work and in your social and relational life. Even if you are a small fish, make sure your light shines.

Gemini: You feel like you can't see your future clearly, your goal, where you're headed. Neptune Retrograde will help you find clarity. Don't waste your ideas by throwing them into the void, try to realize them and make sure your mind and spirit believe in them: everything needs to be aligned.

Cancer: You are in the middle of a spiritual journey, and your mind has never been so open to the unknown and the esoteric. Try to distinguish between the things that truly interest you and those that just pique your curiosity but you don't want to delve into. Question everything, gain a new perspective.

Leo: Stop running away from what you feel. Let Neptune help you face what troubles you, be it work stress or relational issues. You're a master of escape, but perhaps it's time to stop, to strengthen your boundaries, to see clearly. Good luck!

Virgo: Interpersonal relationships can be confusing with their dynamics, making you uncomfortable. You see only what you want to see, but it's time to gain clarity. It's difficult and might lead to great upheavals in your life, but Neptune will help you accept them. Trust your instinct; you'll be rewarded with stronger and healthier connections.

Libra: Balancing life and work is challenging for you. This is a good time to do something about it. Create some space to take care of yourself. Life is full of responsibilities; figure out what you need to handle and what others need to, don't take on others' tasks and responsibilities! And watch out for energy vampires.

Scorpio: Neptune Retrograde brings inspiration and love into your life. Be careful not to get lost in fantasies, try to keep your feet on the ground and work to achieve what makes you happy in all areas of your life. Be careful not to fall in love with the version of people that exists only in your head. 

Sagittarius: You live in the present, and in general, that can be a good thing. Sometimes, though, digging into the past can be helpful. Neptune Retrograde is here for that. What events have made you who you are? Is there something to resolve in your past? Think about it, and don't be afraid.

Capricorn: You're so logical and calculating that you struggle to express yourself. Practice and work on it: it's important to be able to do so. You need to say what you feel, it will help you create connections with the people around you. Don't get paranoid about what others say. 

Aquarius: Stop thinking about what society expects from you, focus on what you expect from yourself. Work inward, listen to yourself. Your intuition, if you give it space, will guide you towards the things you truly want and love. Not all that glitters is gold. 

Pisces: Magic and mystery are guiding you during this period. You've never known yourself so deeply, and of course, you have to thank your Neptune. What confuses you, though, is how others perceive you from the outside. The truth is you can't control this perception, even if you're trying. The only thing you need to do is never betray yourself.