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Sound the alarm: Saturn is in retrograde

Its effect on every zodiac sign

Sound the alarm: Saturn is in retrograde Its effect on every zodiac sign

It's not just Mercury! The June sky greets us with a significant Saturn retrograde, which begins on June 29 and ends on November 15. To understand how this movement, occurring in the sign of Pisces, will influence our lives, it is worth understanding how the planet affects our zodiac sign when moving directly, and then reversing the result. Typically, Saturn highlights all areas of life that require external effort, specific goals to work towards, and responsibilities towards others. When it is retrograde, however, it focuses on inner work, urging reflection.

What to Expect from Saturn Retrograde

It's time to be honest with yourself, and there's no escaping it. Recognize your progress, work on your emotional sphere, and take your personal growth to the next level. Saturn is retrograde in Pisces, adding an even more meditative dimension and the potential for healing old wounds. A key moment? The days around mid-August, when Jupiter in Gemini squares Saturn, and the end of September, when Mars in Cancer forms a trine with Saturn. Put into practice everything you've been meditating on.

The Effect of Saturn Retrograde on All Zodiac Signs

Aries: You don't like stopping to reflect, but you must. However, dedicating more time to self-work and personal reflection - focusing on past behaviors and wounds that are best left in the past - can benefit you, allowing you to face the future with confidence.

Taurus: Look back, evaluate the foundations of your relationships, and determine if they are truly solid. If you're in groups that no longer fit, this is the time to understand the reasons, ask yourself why this divergence, and figure out how to find your people and cultivate more meaningful and healthy bonds.

Gemini: Reflect on your work and long-term goals. Consider the structures in your life and whether your ambitions are genuinely supported. If not, develop a new action plan.

Cancer: You're on the verge of an enlightening revelation. What you once fought for no longer resonates as it used to. Don't panic; it's all normal. Seek new learning and growth opportunities, discover new passions.

Leo: What brings you comfort and security? What impulsive behaviors need to be addressed? Seek clarity, including sexually. Work on expressing your needs, and create conditions for greater fulfillment in this area of your life.

Virgo: What do you want from your romantic and non-romantic relationships? Clarify this with yourself and those involved, evaluate the commitments you've made. Are you fulfilling your part of the bargain? Is the other person doing the same? Issues of balance and reciprocity will be at the forefront of your thoughts.

Libra: Work smarter, not harder. Meditate, keep a journal, and have honest conversations with the people who know you best and see you regularly. Efforts in this direction could help you improve balance and efficiency in all areas of life.

Scorpio: How do you manage your free time, artistic expression, and spontaneity? How much space do you give them in your life? How can you embrace and celebrate what makes you unique? Think about it, and you might discover something new and useful by November.

Sagittarius: You're already working on yourself, but this transit could give you further help in understanding the origins of your emotional patterns. How do you want to live your home life? In which direction do you need to work to make it possible? Develop a strategy, save up, and decide where to settle down or start a family.

Capricorn: Adjust your routine, perhaps you've been too strict with yourself, perhaps you need to give more space to others, even mentally. Reevaluate and rework the relationships and boundaries you've set around yourself, including your use of energy.

Aquarius: Is the way you earn money in line with your heart? If not, it needs to change. The first step could be recognizing your value and standing up for what you deserve. What led you to this moment? How can you change course?

Pisces: Saturn is watching over you and what you need to do to make your dreams a reality. It may seem challenging, sure, but it is a territory you need to start exploring. Seize the moment.