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The queue for Taylor Swift's concert is making us all boomers

The most absurd thing, in the end, are the rules on what can be brought into San Siro

The queue for Taylor Swift's concert is making us all boomers The most absurd thing, in the end, are the rules on what can be brought into San Siro

The arrival of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Italy is a major event. It's been talked about for months, and now that the date is fast approaching (on July 13 and 14, the most powerful pop star of the moment will perform at San Siro, Milan, for her only two Italian dates) emotions are running high. The main issues seem to be two: the line in front of the stadium to secure a favorable spot and see the Shake it Off singer up close and the rules on what you can (or rather cannot) bring for the occasion. But let's take it step by step.

Is the line for the Taylor Swift concert real or fake?

The concert etiquette is blurred, especially when it comes to behaviors not covered by official regulations, which depend on the common sense of the participants. However, we have already seen in recent years - especially for such highly anticipated concerts - fans camping out days and days in advance, enduring long and exhausting waits under the sun. Often, grassroots organizations form to keep track of the line, allowing bathroom, food, and wash breaks without losing one's spot. This happened with Harry Styles (impossible not to think of Fernanda Number Six) and will likely happen with Taylor Swift. In fact, it might already be happening. Or not?

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Social media reactions: have we become boomers?

On social networks, graphics urging people to start lining up days in advance have started circulating, causing much debate. How safe and wise is it to line up three weeks early? What about those who can't? Don't these people have jobs? The debate has heated up, with fandom wars (and anti-fandom haters) continuing since then. The question we need to ask, though, is: are we really that gullible? The graphics are clearly fake, as anyone with a bit of critical sense could verify. It’s obvious from how they are written and the implausible and unmanageable suggestions they make. This is a textbook case of rage bait and trolling, and we are so ready to lash out at young girls that we ignore all critical thinking and common sense, possibly fueled by our dislike for Swift. In short, we are acting like boomers.

What to bring to San Siro for Taylor Swift’s concert?

On the other hand, there is a heated discussion about the newly published regulations. According to the event organizer's official website, the following items are prohibited at San Siro: any material or piece of clothing that can completely or partially obscure the face (except for medical masks or religious garments), clothing, costumes, or personal effects that may obstruct the view of those around or behind you, handcuffs, animals (except for certified service animals for disabilities), chains, studded or spurred jewelry, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, Segways, glass, hard plastic, or metal containers of any kind, umbrellas, strollers, stadium horns, bells, bullhorns, thundersticks, and whistles, briefcases, bags, luggage, purses larger than a clutch or non-transparent bags, weapons of any kind, flammable materials and explosive devices, spray products, including sunscreen, pepper spray, insecticides, or spray paint, balloons, frisbees, projectiles, horns, radios, bells, whistles, musical instruments, laser pointers, sticks, poles, batons, alcoholic beverages, food, illegal substances, flyers, banners, signs, political billboards, professional cameras, camcorders, GoPros, power banks, drones, lights, selfie sticks, laptops, tablets. Video or audio recordings are not allowed except those made with personal cell phones. Finally, one clear plastic water bottle is allowed, but no larger than 50cl. Now, things have changed: backpacks 25x30x20 cm, power banks (as long as they are smaller than the phone), and food are allowed.

Fan protests and the tragedy in Brazil

This extremely detailed and prohibitive regulation has angered fans and ticket holders. How can you return home or to the hotel with a dead phone? Why can't you protect yourself with pepper spray on the way back? Why are you forced to buy water and food inside at prohibitive prices? Adding to this, the hours spent waiting in the July sun (even if the graphics circulating on social media are false, the lines will surely happen, hopefully in a less extreme and long form), the risk is that some people might feel unwell. It happened in Brazil, and a young fan lost her life.