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10 skincare brands Made in Italy to discover

Green formulations, transparency and inclusivity are the basis of these Italian beauty brands

10 skincare brands Made in Italy to discover Green formulations, transparency and inclusivity are the basis of these Italian beauty brands

With the arrival of the pandemic and the succession of months in lockdown, many of us have left make-up products in the drawer, revealing their natural skin in the mirror. The pandemic has certainly changed the relationship with our skin, no longer hidden by layers of concealer and foundation, but free to breathe with the right skincare. It is therefore no coincidence that in recent months the skin care brands have registered an increase in sales and, if until some time ago the trend was to religiously follow the 10 steps of Korean skin care, today the law of less is more.

The most interesting brands of the moment are made in Italy, cruelty free, vegan and with eco-friendly packagings, and are often founded by young women. Transparency is the key word for the success of these brands. Until a few years ago, most junkie make-up would not have been able to distinguish between hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid, today thanks to houses like Deciem - which have based their success on the marketing of pure active ingredients in low cost bottles - and all 'commitment to disclosure of beauty influencers, the INCI of a product is no longer a mystery. It is clear that even in this field of aesthetics the trend is turning towards self-acceptance and inclusiveness. The unrealistic whiteness of the planed skins of the Korean girls and the fake bonne mine allure of the American IT girls are no longer acceptable standards and it is no coincidence that this awareness is born in the middle of a pandemic, when living with the imperfections of one's body and one's own face becomes an almost vital need. Did our way of understanding beauty change forever?



Influencer Erika Boldrin is the creator of Honieh, a brand of 100% organic and natural skin care products, free from parabens, sulphates, silicones and chemicals, including perfumes and coloring. The brand was born from the desire to aim for the purest aspect of beauty, knowing how to grasp its naturalness and the deepest truth. Among the best-selling products, the Deep Detox mask with nourishing function and Soft Cloud, a cleansing mousse.



From the combination of natural ingredients with the philosophy of "good vibes" comes Goovi, the brand that aims to bring positivity in the everyday life of all women. Among the products offered by the brand also herbal teas and supplements, a way of understanding beauty as health and well-being at 360 degrees, combined with a pop and captivating packaging.



Taba Skincare products are designed to be used on all skin types and take advantage of the beneficial effects of CBD oil to hydrate and protect the epidermis, with the aim of making skin care minimalist, thanks to natural ingredients like hemp.



The experience of Conero Beauty was born from the dermocosmetic use of Paccasasso, a spontaneous herb that grows overlooking the sea on the slopes of Mount Conero in the Marche area. For the first time this particular spontaneous herb, which since ancient times was collected and used for food use for its very rich content of Vitamin C, is exploited in skincare for its valuable antioxidant and regenerative properties.



MIA, the young and vegan line of the historic beauty brand Korff, is based on a specific ingredient, namely the nourishing and energizing action of superfruits, such as the Scrub in the practical stick format, which cleanses and purifies while gently exfoliating thanks to the action of blueberry, orange and lemon, or as Refresh, which gives a fresh and rested look, thanks to the power of watermelon and fig.



Darling is a brand based on the concept of SPF as an essential element of skincare. The combination of a simple and minimal design and a very high quality formulation leads to the creation of performing sun creams with an attractive pack in pastel tones.



Milanesi Skincare packagings, inspired by the elegance and aesthetics of the Italian city of fashion, is combined with a line of effective, natural, safe products that respond to the current needs of life in the city, fighting urban pollution and stress.



Simplicity and immediacy are the keywords for Adesso Beauty: light textures, leave-on products, ready-to-wear packaging and three quick steps to be repeated daily (cleanse, protect and moisturize) to have a healthy and luminous appearance at any time.



Zago Milano was born with the aim of enhancing natural beauty, skincare as a source of self confidence, whether it is to leave the house without make-up or to increase the performance of our favorite make-up. A way to take care of ourselves and to allow ourselves a few minutes of relaxation with a certain laid back attitude.



Florena Skincare offers the quality of made in Italy through vegan formulas that ensure a minimum of 99.46% of ingredients of natural origin in its products, from serums to masks, from face creams to oils. All packaging - including jars and bottles, and excluding caps only - is made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic and the paper packaging is made up of at least 75% recycled paper.