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CLARA presents the video of her new song "Ammirerò"

Tells the evolutionary path of the singer, between contemporary pop and urban vibes

CLARA presents the video of her new song Ammirerò Tells the evolutionary path of the singer, between contemporary pop and urban vibes
A few days after the release of the new single, Clara Soccini aka CLARA is ready to present the new video clip of the song, entitled Ammirerò.
The video is directed by Jamal and John Murd and shot at the Alcatraz in Milan - while the song was produced by Kermit - and is now available in streaming and digitally on the singer-songwriter's VEVO channel.
The concept of the video stems from a reflection on the deprivation of freedom imposed at birth and its consequences: CLARA moves inside a large cage, making an evolution that starts from the discovery of her own features and ends in a first contact with the outside world that generates a new emotion, a profound curiosity. The conclusion, however, is uncertain: the deliberately open ending of the video leaves room for the viewer's thoughts and interpretations.
"Can a human being, born and raised in a bubble without any kind of human contact, develop emotions and desire freedom?" - commented the two directors.
"Io non resto ferma sopra le cose che mi dicono perché / se non l’alimento poi si spegne / se mi spari addosso ti riflette"
With these words CLARA captures the attention of those who listen to the song and watch the video. Admire is a song of hope that combines contemporary pop with urban vibes.

They teach us as a child to see the world as a magical and surprising place, a trip to Disneyland where you enter a teenager and leave an adult and full of remorse. Imbalances and insecurities bring out the hardest part of ourselves so as not to appear fragile, and then give an account to whom? We look around and what they said was going to be magical is really just fiction, injustice and grim unhappiness. But this journey to discover the world, disappointing so far, is not over yet and our contribution to change its vision has just begun." - says the songwriter.