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'OPERAZIONE ORO' is Joan Thiele's new EP

And it includes the hit songs "Le Vacanze" and "Puta"

'OPERAZIONE ORO' is Joan Thiele's new EP And it includes the hit songs Le Vacanze and Puta

Hers is one of the most recurring names of Milan's and more generally Italian music landscape, especially when it comes to new female artists to keep an eye on. With her aesthetic, the result of a unique melting pot, and a voice just as original, Joan Thiele has always stood out thanks an eclectic taste that gathers and blends different inspirations and influences. 

Today sees the release of Operazione Oro, Joan Thiele's first EP entirely in Italian. The singer herself announced the project on her Instagram account:

My first "operation" is to tell you what I feel. Imagine the gold, the object of desire that we most consider precious, material, the son of the earth. 'Operazione Oro' is the mission that each of us has towards ourselves. Trying to find ourselves through identity, often in conflict. When asked whether or not to postpone the release of this EP, I decided to act on instinct/heart and publish it because I believe that the role of music today is to make people feel good. Let's listen to each other and try to be close to each other, even in this difficult moment. I hope that the music I wrote just makes you feel good. We need it so much. 

Half Italian and half Swiss-Colombian Joan grew up between Cartagena and Italy and spent a nomadic life that gave her an international musical taste and a great artistic personality. Following her debut in 2016 and the album Tango in 2018, now the charming artist is ready for a new adventure in Italian. The new EP will contain the lysergic pop of Le Vacanze, the never sent letter Puta, the gloomy and Saudade mood of Bambina, 3 more tracks produced by Joan and Zef (Sempre la stessa, Viso Blu e Medicine) and 2 skits (L'Attesa e La Rivelazione). 

Listen to Operazione Oro here