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Spotify launches "EQUAL Global Music Program"

New global campaign fostering equity for women in audio

Spotify launches EQUAL Global Music Program New global campaign fostering equity for women in audio

According to a recent study, despite playing a key role in the music industry, only one in five artists on the charts is a woman. To overcome this disparity, Spotify has launched EQUAL, a new project that fosters gender equity by shining a spotlight on the work of female authors and musicians. Increasing their visibility is just the first step in this worldwide campaign, which was presented on the last International Women's Day and is now enriched by other initiatives, such as a series of partnerships, playlists, EQUAL Hub and the EQUAL Global Music Program

The EQUAL Hub features songs written, produced and performed 100% exclusively by female songwriters, producers and artists from around the world, from Japan to Argentina, Malaysia to the UK. In this special space where you can listen to women artists and podcasters and discover the work of new producers and authors, every month the cover of the playlist of each country will be dedicated to a different performer.

The first artist selected for Italy is Madame. For the launch of EQUAL, the Voce rapper also appeared on the advertising space purchased by Spotify in Times Square!