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The best beauty looks of Milan Men's Fashion Week FW20

And a mini shopping guide to replicate them

The best beauty looks of Milan Men's Fashion Week FW20 And a mini shopping guide to replicate them

Minimal make up or graphic eyeliners, super-long hair and wet effect are only few of the beauty trends that we saw during Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2020 in Milan. Like London, in partnership with the city of Milan during this Fashion Week, we saw on the runways male and female models with natural and gender-neutral looks, with nothing extreme in terms of make up, but with very bold hair-style. We believe these beauty choices reflect the "vision" of this Fashion Week: the sharp distinction between menswear and streetwear doesn't exist anymore, just like the gender distinctions that blend together in the gender-neutral approach of the collections. 

Here the beauty looks of Milan Fashion Week that we liked the most, and a mini shopping guide with some products to replicate them.



A basic make up: nude tones and a touch of bright red on the lips. The face of the models is embellished by precious earrings and wet-look hair with soft and natural lengths.

Must-have product: Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Natural Red



Make up has an important role on the catwalk for Mioran, that plays with colors on his models: glossy eyeshadows that remind us of Euphoria, but our favorite detail is the contrasting two-tone lipstick, with upper lip in purple and lower lip in red.

Must-have product: Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick Faux Pas



For Mangano's beauty looks, the focus is on the hairstyle of the models: super-long and soft hair, with waves on the lengths that flow on the right shoulder. There is a 90s inspiration in the white texture on the face on two models, that recalls the idea of the man as an "artist".

Must-have products: Philip B Mega Curl Enhancer e T3 Body Waver Styling Wand



Hair up and messy on purpose, make-up is enhanced by the graphic eyeliner that frames the eyes with sharp lines and long eyelashes drawn under the lower eyelid.

Must-have productMarc Jacobs Beauty Liquid-Gel Eyeliner



The face of the model hides behind an eccentric hairstyle: the long hair come down to their face and behind the sunglasses, to hide the identity and the face of the models, as if the focus needed to be on the collections only. 

Must-have productOribe Hair Gel Serum