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5 upcoming female artists to keep an eye on - #5

Save these names: Lomijoh, Morgan, Maryam, Yendry and Sissi

5 upcoming female artists to keep an eye on - #5 Save these names: Lomijoh, Morgan, Maryam, Yendry and Sissi

They have a multicultural background, talent and big dreams. They love R&B and hip-hop, they know how to sing and rap and they are ready to take over the world with their sound. You may not know them yet, but once you hear their music, you will never forget their names: Lomijoh, Morgan, MaryamYEИDRY and Sissi.



Despite her young age, before she realized that music was her true path, LOMIJOH has had many careers: law student, professional tennis player and model for brands like Jacquemus, Fendi and Ashish. After her debut with Don't Let It Go, an R&B song full of romantic and intimate vibes, the French-Cameroon singer, who is currently based in New York, released a second single with a totally different mood. Lil Bossy, produced by BigBadBeats, talks about trust, strength and female empowerment. Using her bilingual background to switch from French to English, LOMIJOH creates a direct and engaging track powerfully celebrating womanhood.



People remember her for her participation in X Factor 2019 within the Sfera Ebbasta's team, where she exhibited covering Mahmood and Lizzo, but Maryam Rouass is much more than just a talent show performer. The Moroccan-born singer, born and raised in the province of Bergamo, started singing as a child, mispronounced the words of Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland's Dilemma, and since then has never stopped. In love with Rihanna's style and music as well as artists who are part of the contemporary Italian scene, Maryam has conquered everyone with Imbarazzo and Parola, her artfully reworked mash-ups of pieces by Ghali, Tha Supreme and Capo Plaza or Emis Killa. Her real first single, however, is titled Mood, a trap piece produced by NKO which was released last February. Just listen to it once and it will never come out of your head. You will keep on singing:

Come mai non sai più che cos’ho per la testa
Come sto e in quale mood non ti frega perché
So dire va tutto bene anche se niente è ok
ok ok ok



Morgan Connie Smith aka MORGAN is only 20 years old, but she already has a rich musical background. A relative of Ken Boothe, who is widely recognized as the greatest reggae musician alive, and the dancehall artist Mr. Vegas, Morgan got the attention of many followers by posting a series of mash-ups on Instagram and YouTube and by competing in Britain's Got Talent in 2016. Her soul voice caught the attention of Rudimental, the world-famous UK collective, who chose her to duet in Mean That Much and offered her a contract for their label Major Tom's. Her first single, titled My Year and included in the EP Alien, talks about the last 12 months of MORGAN, a whirlwind of emotions and new experiences, like the performance at BBC Live Lounge, Top of the Pops and the Royal Albert Hall. Besides the single and the debut EP, set to release on October 9th, the young woman released the tracks Sanctuary, Mulholland Drive featuring Ebenezer depicting the toxic relationship between two lovers and Hostess, a melodic track with hip-hop vibes that talks about materialism and how it means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.



Young and talented Yendry Fiorentino or YEИDRY knows perfectly what she wants, but above all what she doesn't want. Once the experiences at X-Factor and with the electro-soul band Materianera were over, once the contract with Sony was broken due to the fact that they did not share the same artistic vision, the singer-songwriter from Turin presented Barrio, her first single a few months ago. Grown-up between Piemonte and Santo Domingo, she made her debut with a Spanish track recorded with B-CROMA, a duo of Italian producers living in London. Embodying the best cultural melting pot, YEИDRY confessed she loves Latin American rhythms, salsa, bachata, merengue, but also hip-hop, electronic and pop. Her style? Similar to Rosalìa, but with a more Latin American taste. Her new song, NENA, is a Latin ballad with R&B influences that tells a story of sacrifice and unconditional love that a mother has for her child.



Silvia Cesana, aka Sissi, a young urban singer, came into the spotlight with her participation in X Factor 13. Born in 1999, the girl grew up in the province of Como listening to rap, soul, R&B and legendary artists such as David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator who also became the subject of her many tattoos. Following the short television experience and the tour with Rkomi, on April 17th Sissi released her first single titled Sento for Sugar Music. Available in streaming and on the main digital platforms, the song is a power ballad talking about how misunderstandings create distance between people, amplifying the sense of inadequacy and alienation. The new single, Versus, which is the result of the collaboration with Tommy Dali, a young talent of the Italian R&B and Sissi's peer, is described as "an emotional battle where the differences of character lead to the open confrontation of two boys still in love, but distant".