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5 emerging female artists to keep an eye on

Young and talented musicians are stealing the show

5 emerging female artists to keep an eye on Young and talented musicians are stealing the show

Being a woman in the Italian music scene is inevitably complex. Yet, despite every difficulty that has slowed down their climb to success, the young emerging artists we are about to speak of, have boldly challenged an industry traditionally dominated by the male gaze, trying to shape it according to their vision. Without a doubt, this past year was the year of women: the Italian music scene has never seen before in its history a female explosion like this, capable of revolutionising every sound and genre. With the publication of the spicy PAPRIKA, Myss Keta has left a wrapping, erotic as the sexiest Tinto Brass and indelible mark in Italian discography. With her latest release, the Italian icon has confirmed that she can be much more than a mere viral phenomenon, much more than a simple alter-ego without any meaning. Then, it was the turn of Levante who, with her last album Magmamemoria, attracted the spotlights, creating her own space in the Italian songwriting.

Besides these important names in the Italian music landscape, we find five emerging artists to whom the public has not yet paid enough attention: starting from the eclectic sounds of Joan Thiele up to the aggressive delicacy of Madame, these five girls are the symbol of a new and terribly fascinating point of view. It’s precisely for this reason that they deserve to be supported, perhaps ending up immediately in your new playlist. 



There is no place for weakness in Madame's songs, which can be defined as a powerful and loud hymn to the strength typical of the femininity. If you follow the Italian rap game, it’s impossible that you haven’t heard of her yet, since she has proved to be one of the most interesting young female voice of the urban scene. Madame has begun to climb ladder of success with the release of Sciccherie, an eccentric song through which the singer showed her brave and unconventional love for virtuosities, and has consecrated herself in the Italian rap Olympius with the latest MADAME - L’anima, which needless to say turned out to be one of the most emotional tracks of Marracash’s latest album, Persona. This will amaze you but yes, she was born only in 2002. Yet, despite her young age, this young woman has been able to shake up Italian music, innovating a sound that until the last few years had been limited to a copy-and-paste of old and boring schemes and had almost totally forgotten about the terrifying potential that the musical experimentations offer. Madame's sudden and totally justified success is perhaps a symbol of the brilliant musical career that is impatiently awaiting her around the corner? 


Lil Jolie

When I first met her a few weeks ago, Lil Jolie struck me with her purity. The same purity that, combined with the right dose of insecurity that nowadays characterizes every teenager, is the essence of her music. She is surely not a girl who rejects her uncertainties. Of course, just like us, she fears them but she sincerely loves them at the same time. Yes, she could keep them hidden sometimes, trying to silence them, but still, she shares them with the others around her. Perhaps it’s for this reason that her art is so sincere and pure. Even if her first single, Farsi Male, was released last October, Lil Jolie has immediately managed to make herself known not just as a singer with an exceptional voice, but also as the “rebirth-of-Italian pop” icon. Blessed by her freshness, this young girl from Caserta has succeeded in creating a generational manifesto out of her songs, in which the paranoias and brief glimpses of the beauty of a generation are realistically recreated. By giving voice to fears that few people would have the courage to tell to the world, Lil Jolie is definitely ready to conquer Italian pop music.


Mara Sattei

Mara Sattei is mainly known for being the sister of Tha Supreme, one of the most interesting emerging artists of the Italian rap scene, and this is a pity: we are talking about a young artist that has talent as pure as a diamond. Deeply influenced by that mix of hip hop and RnB that, after conquering the US, is ready to climb the Italian charts, Mara Sattei has begun to have visibility in the bizarre and unpredictable universe of music not thanks to her first EP (published in 2014), but to Nuova Registrazione 326 and Nuova Registrazione 402: produced by his brother and published this year, her two latest releases are a visceral exploration throughout the fascinating and dangerous landscape of pop music. Even if the music critics are still talking too little of this young emerging artist, we are sure that Mara Sattei will break into the Italian music business in a few months.


Joan Thiele

There is something exotic in the music of Joan Thiele, that presents as a mix of completely different ethnicities and traditions that coexist, and perhaps it is precisely this something that allows her to transport her listener to another universe with ease so disarming. It is since the summer of 2016 when she released an EP called named after her, that Joan Thiele continues to fascinate us with her captivating, dreamy and electronic music influenced sounds. Song after song, the young girl from Brescia confirms to be a brilliant demiurge whose creations are transformed into cathartic journeys that make people relieve the pains hidden inside them. Especially now that she has given up the English stanzas she had accustomed us to, coming even closer to the Italian scene with Le Vacanze, the first song entirely in Italian. Joan Thiele’s dreamlike music is the translation into sounds of her soul: by opening her heart, she speaks to us of her insecurities, of her awareness, of a personal everyday life with which anyone can empathize. We hope that, with the advent of the new year, her songs will finally be as influential as they deserve to be. 


Eugenia Post Meridiem’s Eugenia

Thanks to Eugenia and the group of which she is the leader, Italian indie music has adopted new nuances: the nuances typical of folk, a genre that has never been successful in Italy. It’s easy to recognize the voice of Eugenia Post Meridiem’s Eugenia: with her freshness and her inseparable guitar, the girl has been developing her music between the sunny Lisbon, the fascinating Paris and the characteristic Genoa, the city that gave birth to her. Three cities that have differently influenced the young artist, helping her in the process of creation of a hybrid musicality that is continuously and tirelessly changing. Swinging between the sounds of surf rock and of psychedelic music, Eugenia has been fascinating her audience with the simple beauty and delicate power of her melodies, a harmonious union of genres that, at a quick glance, could appear as universes impossible to reconcile.