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Elisa's conquest of San Siro

The appointment for summer 2025

Elisa's conquest of San Siro The appointment for summer 2025

After a mysterious video on Instagram that showcased the most exciting live moments of her long and intense career, the confirmation has arrived: Elisa Toffoli will perform a concert at San Siro. The date is set for June 18, 2025, one year from now. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 2 PM for the fan club, and on Thursday (also at 2 PM) for the general public. She won't be the only one lighting up next summer in Milan. Dates at the same venue have also been announced for her colleague Elodie. For both, this will be their first San Siro, an important event to look forward to.

Elisa: New Music on the Horizon?

We still don't know if it will be a Best Of event, celebrating her life and career with her most loyal fans, or if in the year leading up to this date the singer will release new music. What is certain is that after many years of television experiences, concerts around the world (with a preference for the intimate theater setting), productions and writing, duets and collaborations, San Siro is a great way to celebrate (and highlight) a rich journey. Just as her return to Sanremo was in 2022.

Elisa at San Siro: Ticket Prices

In recent years, concert ticket prices have increased significantly. What’s worse is that they are often discovered only at the time of purchase, making it more challenging to budget. In this case, TicketOne has revealed in advance some of the prices for Elisa's concert at San Siro. The gold field will cost 269 euros. Are you ready?