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What the documentary about Christina Aguilera's life tells us about the 1990s

Xtina is back

What the documentary about Christina Aguilera's life tells us about the 1990s Xtina is back

"Christina is a true icon, a beacon of never-ending authenticity. As a young artist, she broke rules and blazed paths for future voices. We’re proud to work with Christina and TIME Studios, bringing to life such an intimate project." Thus the Roc Nation team announces the new project in the works with TIME Studios: a documentary about Christina Aguilera. If Britney a few days ago confessed that she is not yet ready to become the subject of a biopic, her historical frienemy is about to tell her own story on screen, guaranteeing fans many private anecdotes and trivia, but also a real dive into the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

From Diesel to Blumarine, even today Xtina continues to influence not only generations of singers, but also brands and style. The new documentary promises to give us an in-depth look at "one of the most iconic artists of our time, whose music has inspired millions of people around the world," who continues to be deeply relevant despite no longer having the media attention of a few decades ago. The project, entrusted to director Ting Poo (known for her 2021 documentary, Val, about actor Val Kilmer) will focus on the story of Aguilera's life, from her days as a young girl as a Disney star to the present day, "offering a portrait of the artist, mother and entertainer as she reflects on her decades-long career in the struggle for creative freedom and gender equality." It mixes unreleased archival material, rare footage, enhanced by new interviews and backstage scenes resulting from Aguilera's collaboration with the production team that has followed the singer for the past 18 months. Other information is still top secret as is the release date.