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Grimes' transformation has officially begun

The singer decided to realize her dream of being a fantasy creature

Grimes' transformation has officially begun The singer decided to realize her dream of being a fantasy creature

"I did smthn crazy!". With these simple words Grimes commented on one of her latest Twitter posts, a shot of her in close-up, her face swollen, bandaged and with some slight bruises around her eyes, as she lies in a bed wearing a hospital gown. Although she did not reveal exactly why she was hospitalized, her fans immediately speculated that the singer had undergone surgery to give her ears a pointed shape, giving them a typical elfin appearance. The clues were already all there, not only because the singer has repeatedly expressed her love for the fairycore aesthetic, often showing herself in an elfin look. Last summer, again on Twitter, she had confessed to her followers that she had made an appointment with a major plastic surgeon several months earlier thinking she wanted to change something by the time she was 30. Then she had asked if any facial modifications would suit her and added, "Does anyone know anyone great/ safe/ reliable ppl who could do vampire teeth caps on me in Austin or la? Also, any reputable elf ear modifiers in either of these cities? Still debating this surgery cuz cartilage doesn't heal so it requires permanent stitches. Especially as a musician this surgery seems risky but I've wanted it my whole life."

Grimes did not officially confirm the ear surgery, but, instead, revealed some details about his next work, which will be a double album, probably released at two different times and titled Book 1 and Book 2. Regarding the first chapter we already know the possible cover where the singer dresses as a cyber elf, with pointed ears, long silver hair, red eyes and razor-sharp nails. The tracklist is expected to consist of 20 pieces, and the last song was perfected a few days ago in the plastic surgery clinic where the artist was hospitalized. Speaking about the project, Grimes called it a "space opera" about a lesbian AI being called Claire De Lune, "an artificial courtesan who was implanted in a simulation." Finally, he compared it to a personal version of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, a Smashing Pumpkins masterpiece, or Beyoncé's Lemonade. Are you more curious to hear the new songs or to see Grimes as an elf?