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Lana Del Rey is set to return

Thanks to Gucci and a new album full of words inspired by psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung's method

Lana Del Rey is set to return Thanks to Gucci and a new album full of words inspired by psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung's method

10 years ago Born to Die was released and an entire generation fell in love with Lana Del Rey. With her sound, her velvety voice, that nostalgic, languid and incredibly cinematic America, made of Cherry Cola, 50s Hollywood divas, beat-up pick-ups, red lipstick, David Lynch, Walt Whitman, drama queens and road trips. In the early 2000s Lana was the sad girl we all wanted to be, the only one capable of making imperfection and melancholy irresistible. Album after album she managed to build not only a loyal fan base, but artistic credibility that survived the scathing judgment of those who accused her of idealizing toxic love or of caring more about looks than improving her live performances. However, in recent years, her popularity has faded somewhat, overtaken by newer, more dazzling and more striking talents. Her appearances faded more and more, until she decided to disappear from social media to devote herself to 'many interests and some jobs that require privacy and transparency. Before eclipsing Instagram & co. in the autumn of 2021, she announced the release of Blue Banisters (the second album released within a year), which is nothing more than a collection of poems accompanied by a piano and little else, but also a way of saying let the music speak for me. After months of silence, Lana is back on our radar thanks to Gucci and a new interview in which the singer anticipated her future plans

Lana Del Rey, Gucci and Alessandro Michele have shared many special moments: from Gucci Guilty Hollyweird campaign with Jared Leto to the unforgettable Angelic Madonna dress sported at the Met Gala 2018 dedicated to the Heavenly Bodies theme. The most recent one happened a few days ago. Lana was among the guests at the brand's resort show, super cute in a mini skirt, green python jacket with ostrich feather cuffs, combat boots and crystal clips in her hair. After applauding the outfits from the Gucci Cosmogonie collection, the star was among the stars of the afterparty. When Mark Ronson, the event's DJ, played Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais' remix version), Del Rey went wild, climbed onto a chair and started to sing and dance, lit up by strobe lights under the complicit and amused gaze of the other guests. 

Appearing on the cover of W Magazine's latest music issue, Del Rey spoke with Alessandro Michele, with whom she shares a kindred spirit, chatting about poetry, Los Angeles, Old Hollywood and the creative process of the new album. The singer revealed that she has a new, as yet untitled work in the pipeline, which she has been working on for a while with a different approach than usual: she does not filter the songs in the studio, but sings practically everything that comes into her head. Experimenting with "meditative automatic singing", she records her creative flow with the Voice Notes app and then sends these raw files to producer Drew Erickson, who adds an orchestra and some reverb to her voice. Compared to the past, the result is more raw, cerebral, "very wordy" and full of anger. Details that suggest we will hear very different music from the past, but also from Watercolor Eyes, a track Lana wrote for the soundtrack of the second season of Euphoria. Exclusively for Michele, she also hummed a little unreleased verse: "When I look back, tracing fingertips over plastic bags, I think I wish I could extrapolate some small intention or maybe get your attention for a minute or two". Finally, he also anticipated that one of the main inspirations (in addition to his favorite poets, ie: Allen Ginsberg, Walt Whitman and Sylvia Plath) will be the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, in particular his ideas on how dreams and automatic writing can tap into the unconscious. Curious?