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5 Instagram accounts to follow to start off 2022

New year's resolution or not, some inspo for a fresh start is what you need

5 Instagram accounts to follow to start off 2022 New year's resolution or not, some inspo for a fresh start is what you need

I got it, I got it, it’s missing. It is not the shopping list, but that of the Good Resolutions for the new year that, inexorable and tireless, aims to be (also) the best-year-of-my-life. We are at the usual, G-Clubber, and we choose to dedicate this moment of the year to the best version of us: the one always a bit work in progress - and much more often wannabe. Let him who has no sin cast the first stone. We choose the most beautiful paper and write to each other all the "would-be" of the world, which rhyme with the best reflection we look at in the mirror: I would like to do more, I would like to be less, I would like to think how. Put off until September. Here at nss G-Club we are champions of Good Intentions and "I would" written on nice paper, and today more than ever we want to list 5 accounts to get the best start this 2022, intentions and ambitions at the side. A few scrolls and then you’ll be ready to write your list - we assure you that their home are real infusions of serotonin.

Bienvenue, 2022, we’re going!

Good intentions only (@selfcareintentions)

Mind, body and soul. We present you the profile of good intentions (decidedly aesthetic, as usual) par excellence. New content every day: perfect for the morning routine.

The true truth, in red (@wearenotreallystrangers)

More passionate than that? This is the profile of free-feelings and forever-hugs. Warning: the tear here is very easy. Shake to believe.

Vintage enthusiasm (@exquisiteparadox)

Can reality be this tender? Yes, if it has the vintage look of this profile! So aesthetic that you can download wallpaper for mobile, templates or stickers. But what, G-Club? The exact phrase you need in every one of your days.

The happier you (@seenandsafe)

Empowering the next gen. You know that we at nss G-Club are reliable trend forecasters, so don’t hesitate, G-Clubber, and run to shake this newborn account for a dose of optimism and self-care in perfect Genz style.

Happy cereals (@sprxeadpositivity)

This must be the (happy) place. The American dream: make motivational phrases with cereal-shaped letters. That’s not all you find here, G-Clubber, but a lot of words you needed, and you didn’t know it.