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Fashion locations: The Savoy Hotel and Gucci's genesis

The famous luxury hotel was and is fulcrum of worldwide fashion and cultural high class

Fashion locations: The Savoy Hotel and Gucci's genesis The famous luxury hotel was and is fulcrum of worldwide fashion and cultural high class

Gucci Aria show opens with a clear homage to the tuscan brand mythology: the Jackie bags, equestrian details mixed with Tom Fordian feticism, floral patterns from the garden of eden and "Savoy" tag used as a recurring graphic element. The term refers to  "The Savoy", the first renowned luxury hotel opened in London on the Strand, with which the family of Tuscan leather experts has a deep historical connection. The hotel was the first to install an electric lift where Guccio Gucci worked as lobby boy for years, gaining a unique perspective on London and world's jet-set and its preference on suitcases. The neon sign that opens the April 14th runway film is a figurative reconstruction of the innovative verve of the Savoy where a remote drive-in version of the catwalk was hosted, in an event reserved for a selected audience. The unbridled luxury of the hyper-classic but technological interiors, the luxurious bars, Gordon Ramsay's Savoy Grill and the various marvellous rooms have seen intimacy and secrets of celebrities since the first years of opening. The Savoy is a fascinating place full of beauties and secrets to discover. Waiting for you to experience it live soon, Nss G-club will try to give you the taste of life and experience of the Savoy.


Historical notes

Opened in 1889 by theatrical agent Richard D'Oyly Carte, the Savoy immediately began to stand out. Conceived as a complementary place to the homonymous theater, it allowed the play audience to prolong the artistic experience during and beyond the evening. The hotel quickly became a place where all the world’s high society met: from the early 1900s to the present day Oscar Wilde, Queen Elizabeth (when she was still princess), Mohamed Ali, Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Diana, Steven T, Ewan Mcgregor and many others stopped at least once for parties, official events, Hollywood movie premieres, business deals, mysterious affairs and who knows what else when in Europe. The structure is also the first to have introduced electric lights in its sign and telephone prototypes back in the nineteenth century, representing a symbol for nightlife appeal. Inspired by Europe’s incredible success, the "beating heart of Harlem" overseas was named the "Savoy Ballroom" after London's Savoy, and stands as emblematic landmark for jazz, swing, culture and history of American music.


Guccio Gucci and the Savoy

In the early 1900s, without the slightest hint of suspicion, a porter in charge of the electric elevator stole with his eyes and ears all the tricks of the hotel’s wealthy guests. Within the red laquered painted space Guccio Gucci managed the entrance of the guests in the so called "Ascending Room" and entertained with them professional conversations. He had started travelling from Italy to Europe to create his fortune and learn the world's secret, he first spent time in Paris and then arrived in London, where for years he carried out various tasks at the Savoy, observing how the wealthy guests dressed and behaved,but paying a special attenation on which suitcases they used and why. The hotel has taught the founder of the rich Florentine family to grasp needs, value and especially the zeitgeist of the environment, a skill then served to create and grow the great signature that today drives the world crazy. In 1921 he returned to Florence to open a leather shop specializing in travel items. The rest is history.


Interior design at Savoy

Alessandro Michele and director Floria Sigismondi used the entrance of the hotel as a curtain for therunway, synthesizing the concept of the unique hall welcoming guests in a special world. The court in front of the entrance, the Savoy Court, is the only area of London where you can drive to on the right. This perspective switch, combined with the warm welcome of the concierge catapults the guest into an almost unreal world. The interior of the hall is dated 1904 and houses Art Nouveau decorations by Bertram Pegram, inspired by classical art and entitled "Idyll of a golden age". The electric lift, completely painted in lacquered red, leads to the floors and the rooms. Needless to mention 5-star luxury without referring to the breathtaking view of the Thames that you can enjoy from all the suites of the property, available at an average price of £500 in low season and decorated in Edwardian style, while the rooms overlooking the main street, The Strand, are decorated in Art Deco style. Each room at the Savoy contains the essence of the hotel, based on relaxing elegance, discretion, luxury and wide choice of options to suit the wishes of guests. The hotel’s spaces offer a tea and pastry room, the Savoy Tea, a fitness center with panoramic pool and spa are located above the Savoy Theatre. The new Beaufort Bar has an Art Deco interior of black and gold and offers night cabaret. The River Restaurant (now renamed Kaspar’s), opposite the Thames, is also decorated in an Art Deco style, such as the American Bar. Fine dining is a true serious thing here.


Celebrity life

Between the forbidden Oscar Wilde's escapades and Marylin Monroe's love affairs, video clips, movies and stellar photo-shootings, at the Savoy really everything had happened. The walls of the most luxurious hotel in London would certainly have many spicy stories to tell and even the staff often reveals some little secrets to the British broadcasting channels, which focus on the Savoy a lot of media space given the national importance of the structure. Among the many events held here we can mention "The Prince and the Dancer" 1956 premiere, Bob Dylan's the "Subterranean Homesick Blues" videoclip recording in the same year. In the "Lancaster Room"  the unforgettable finale of Notting Hill was shot, in which Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant declare each other love. Jude Law and Ewan Mcgregor starred in a photo-shoot celebrating the talent of British stars, and Steven T of Aerosmith also chose the Savoy for a stay. As many famous guests can not wait to return to popular the noble spaces of the structure after the reopening.