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10 closet essentials for this winter

Basics and trendy pieces from FW21 to create a unique capsule wardrobe

10 closet essentials for this winter Basics and trendy pieces from FW21 to create a unique capsule wardrobe

Days are shorter, climate is more and more rigid and the mind already flies towards Christmas and the expected holidays. In short, just to make a movie quote "Winter is coming" and it’s time to organize a revamp of your wardrobe to create new - and very hot - OOTD to wear from dawn to dusk. To avert the rush to compulsive shopping, and unsustainable, a good loophole is to realize in advance a list of items and accessories that are missing in the wardrobe and that could enrich our looks from office, party, and cozy days on the sofa: Here comes help nss G-Club, with a selection of 10 essentials to mix during the cold season. A hypothetical capsule-wardrobe where you will find our must-have clothes of the autumn wardrobe - easy to find, even on second-hand platforms and in vintage stores - with basic and trendy pieces not to be missed in this FW21.

XXXL Coats

Even for this cold season, the king of outerwear does not wait. The over-cut coat is a must-have item for this fall-winter 2021/22. To speak were the fashion icons, but also the catwalks where we saw repropose this evergreen item in every shape, size and color. Starting from the timeless Max Mara camel coat that in the different terragne shades becomes the protagonist, up to the more harmonious silhouettes inspired by the '70s, particularly loved on light textures like nylon or rock like leather - preferably vegan.

Oversize Blazer 

Another outerwear comes back again. The oversized blazer is once again on the podium of the garments to show off in this period. Whether it is combined with a three-piece suit for a more formal outfit or put in a hurry and fury over t-shirts, jeans and sneakers for a more casual allure does not matter, whatever cut is the inevitable item of the wardrobe. But there is more. This season the blazer comes close to its sporty version with his cousin shacket - a name that blends shirt with jacket - a trendy and comfy outerwear seen for this FW21 especially in tartan teddy or fur monocolor versions. The fit for both is strictly one size more, while the typically autumnal palette keeps the tones of brown, cream, greenish and black although, in more fashionable versions, you can opt for more daring color blocks such as fuchsia, orange or neon green.

Denim obsession

There’s no ideal wardrobe without the right amount of denim. For this winter we suggest you take, or withdraw, the inevitable pair of jeans, from the classic model 501 Levis to a more fashionable loose-fit to fully respect the trends of the season. For styling match what you want depending on the mood. From an oversized hoodie, to a blazer with knit crew neck, up to a wool overcoat and sneaker, hard to go wrong. And for the more daring, dare with denim on denim with a lined jacket.

Vests, vests and more vests

But if we have to create a real capsule-wardrobe for autumn winter we can certainly not overlook the vest, which reconfirms for the second - or perhaps more - season in a row among the trends of the moment. The choice is vast, whether in monochrome version, knit, with patterns and embroidery funny, or rearranged to sleeveless jacket, no matter, what matters is that it is the garment never again without to wear in the coming months.

Pleated skirt

After a good dose of trousers we give space in the wardrobe also to the skirts, which for this FW21 are confirmed as a trend in the plissé version. For the autumn-winter period it is in fact one of the most desired garments by fashionistas all over the world, becoming an indispensable item for office looks. On the other hand, few pieces share its strength in representing the perfect uniform of the business woman, especially in its midi variant, but also the versatility of a garment that, if combined with cunning, manages to convey to the outfit the right mix of classicism and freshness even for everyday life.

Knitwear mania

More than a trendy garment, the right sweater is among the essentials of the cold season. But which to choose? For a more fashionable version, you could opt for a plain or patterned balloon cardigan, perhaps adorned with a jaquard inlay. If you want to go classic, take a sweater with a round neckline, a V, or a turtleneck, maybe in winter tones of brown or a pastel color, to put on top of a simple T-shirt and trousers straight leg for a comfy look everyday. And if the goal is a right mix of comfort and coolness a coordinated set is what you are looking for. 




This genderless garment is the must-have minimal inevitable in the wardrobe of each of us, no matter what temperature it does outside the window. It entered the history of costume as an underwear garment for men, soon becoming a transversal classic, as iconic, proposed in every season by designers from around the world. In jersey, wool, organic cotton, long or short sleeves, for autumn the t-shirt becomes a complementary element of our OOTD, thanks to a clever play of layers. It can be worn under a cashmere crew-neck making it glimpse the neckline and break the look with a touch of light, or alternatively let a flap come out on the waist for a more informal style.

Leather pieces


With the reappearance of the 90s and early 2000 in the great trends of the season, even the winter starts the leather mania. It is another timeless classic, with rock appeal, capable of imbuing every look with a lot of glamour. We saw show off oversized Gwyneth Paltrow blazers, bomber jackets, ultra-slinging trousers or the classic five straight-leg leather pockets, midi skirts alternating with the timeless biker-style nails of aged leather. From Hermès to Ami Paris, up to Marine Serre and Chloè the total leather look returns protagonist.


Suit pants

Another essential item of the wardrobe for now a couple of seasons is the pants suit. Straight leg, carrot or pences, it doesn’t matter, the idea is to wear a pair of elegant but relaxed pants to match with wide knitwear, shirts, vests, blazers or in a latest version even cooler, with a three-piece suit. It is the item suitable for days in the office or around the city, for an elegant vibe but soaked with glam.




Close the circle the accessories, especially the hats, which you know to be perfect allies against the cold and winter climates. But not all hats are the same and you have to understand which one is the most suitable for each of us. Of particular trend this season the beret, for a little retro allure, but we have also seen a lot of the classic ribbed hat or for the coolest a wool bucket hat in neutral tones like ivory or beige.