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5 must-haves for the fall/winter closet revamp

Welcome fall with bold prints, denim all over and chunky shoes

5 must-haves for the fall/winter closet revamp Welcome fall with bold prints, denim all over and chunky shoes

The trends for fall 2021 seem well defined and addressed to a single objective: return to a new everyday life with the maximum of fashion grit. As in all phases of transition in life, even this moment of change of season requires an update of the wardrobe according to the latest news in the fashion field, to be applied to your personal style and without falling into compulsive and unsustainable purchase. The must-haves for the fall wardrobe change are easy to find, even on second-hand platforms and in vintage clothing stores, because they have a taste of '2000s nostalgia, with college-style vests and jeans everywhere, together with which echoes the irreverence of the 80s and the desire for revenge and rediscovery of the post-war years, expressed with strong colors and stunningly good and bold materials. After all, a two-year period like the one just passed is not easily forgotten, and as always fashion absorbs and reflects changes in route and cultural experiences.


College vest

Comfortable, it warms up in the right places even on bad days and immediately gives a schoolgirl look professional and composed: the vest is the number one ally when the temperatures get chillier, even for those who've been out of school-mindset for a while. Colors, patterns and materials allow you to play with the concept borrowed from the male wardrobe that proves to be a transitional garment par excellence even during autumn 2021.


Canadian Tuxedo

A particularly edgy effect the one of a Canadian tuxedo, more commonly defined as the combination of denim on denim. The honorable fabric with a long history and fine workmanship is finally the protagonist of the look even in the upper part of the body. A nice pair of jeans solves many situations regarding styling, but a suit in jeans really makes the difference. Every city can be a wild west, why not be found prepared?


Power blazer

A little predictable, okay, but how could you resist the charm of a blazer with sharp sartorial appeal? The layer is able to add that extra fashionable quid and confidence to work outfits, can be the protagonist of power-dressing ensembles when tinged with strong colors, such as dark black, bottle green (or Bottega green) and pink in all its shades, often and willingly declined in brave daring leather. To be so versatile, stylish and to fulfill the function of effectively covering the body in times of need, you really need a blazer this fall 2021.

Chunky soles

Forgetting the habit of wearing flip-flops can be traumatic, but the super-chunky soles in vogue this winter will definitely make the task less difficult. The return of pop-punk aesthetics transforms the metropolitan streets into catwalks for rock princesses, with high, thick and leathery soles of boots or loafers reinforced at the feet, the decisive look and the light mind that fantasizes between dreams and studs, a winning match.


Bold prints

Autumn and its cold: ready to welcome it will be the myriad of strong and vitamin prints that appear on the catwalks of all the most important brands, demonstrating the will to be seen, noticed and admired thanks to an almost viral impact. The colors of the winter collection bring dopamine to the stars: channeling energy on coats and accessories such as socks and clothes is the winning idea to give vitality to those who watch.