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The 10 most iconic wedding dresses of the TV shows

From the Elie Saab dress worn by Blair Waldorf, to Summer Roberts romantic dress in The OC

The 10 most iconic wedding dresses of the TV shows From the Elie Saab dress worn by Blair Waldorf, to Summer Roberts romantic dress  in The OC

There is a moment in every self-respecting TV series, from comedy to fantasy, that can never be missed: the wedding day. Beyond romanticism, a wedding is an opportunity to bring all the characters together and make an unexpected plot twist happen but also - and for incurable fashion addicts, above all - because it can become a great moment of style. And here is that the small screen made weddings a real must-have, thrilling audiences all over the world with moments that are often even more intense than the iconic weddings in movies. The protagonist is love of course, but also wedding dresses. Maxi princess gown, lace and lace, kilometer-long trains, white or colored, modern or vintage ... a different dress for every woman and every style. And although it is difficult to choose the perfect model, we at nss G-Club have tried it. Here are the 10 most iconic wedding dresses seen in TV series of the last 30 years.


Friends - Monica

Friends is probably the most beloved American sitcom ever, and the recent Reunion demonstrates this, which has glued millions of viewers to the screen 15 years after the last episode. And if we were undoubtedly thrilled by the daring love affairs between Ross Geller and Rachel Green (David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston), to earn a place in the ranking is the iconic wedding of Monica (Courteney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry). ), the two historical friends who got married at the end of the seventh season, to the amazement and tears of many. For the occasion, the exuberant chef of the group wore a V-neck dress and A-gown, adorned with a long tulle veil. When we say less is more.


The OC - Summer

In the new millennium, The O.C., iconic teen TV show, recently entered the Netflix gallery, climbs on the podium of the great sitcoms - organize the marathon if you haven't done so yet. And for those of us who have loved the stories of the boys of The Orange County from the first glance between Ryan and Marissa, cannot fail to remember the grand finale, when Summer Roberts advances towards the altar to bond for life to the one and inimitable Seth Cohen. And between sobs and shining eyes - I would challenge anyone not to be moved even a little - the beautiful Summer made us dream with an empire-style dress with a bow. No veil, just a beautiful white bouquet… just perfect.


Gossip Girl - Blair, Serena

And as if we were aboard the Love Bus, our itinerary among the most beautiful weddings ever, at least on TV, stops off in another unforgettable teen series, which has made fashion its protagonist: Gossip Girl. Here, thanks to Eric Daman, the stylist and costume designer of the show who filled the 6 seasons with couture dresses, accessories, and style shots to take your breath away. And for weddings it was no less. Of the Queens of the Upper East Side, the inimitable Blair Waldorf in the series gets married twice, choosing for the royal wedding with Louis Grimaldi a Vera Wang strapless lace dress, tied at the waist by a tulle bow, with a sweetheart neckline and a very long veil. While for the second, and decidedly more iconic wedding to her great love, Chuck Bass, Queen Blair wears a sky blue Elie Saab lace dress with semi-sheer long sleeves, full-length embroidered flowers and small crystals. To leave you breathless. But her partner in crime is no less than her, the it-girl par excellence Serena Van Der Woodsen, who for the wedding with Dan in the grand finale wears a strapless dress in metallic gold and white tulle by the designer Georges Chakra. In short, definitely go big or go home… impossible not to mention them all.


Sex and the City - Charlotte

We remain in New York with our gaze directed towards another TV series that has made the history of fashion, even before the small screen. Sex and the City. Here the protagonists Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte have been able to excite us with extraordinary outfits, each in her own way and style. Always thanks to a great stylist like Patricia Field, who managed to recreate fabulous realities with each OOTD around SATC's bffs… but never like on the occasion of a wedding. I am sure that every fashion addict who has devoured the cult series of Darren Star - which has shaped the collective fashionista imagery of an entire generation - cannot fail to remember the Cloud Dress by Vivienne Westwood and worn by the timeless Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City - the movie. However, we followers of the small screen want to remember another incredible wedding dress worn in the sixth season by Charlotte York on the occasion of her marriage to divorce lawyer Harry Goldenblatt. To be exact, the dress with a timeless allure was a dress by Badgley Mischka with very chic bare shoulder straps and ribbons that crossed the bodice. To complete the look, an organza veil worn over the shoulders and set in a 50s hairstyle.


Downtown Abbey - Rose Macclare

For fans of vintage clothes we are about to reveal a real gem. In the fifth season of Downtown Abbey, the series set in the early 1920s in the glamorous countryside of Yorkshire, Lady Rose Macclare marries the aristocrat Atticus Aldridge in a charming beaded and silk tulle dress. The show's costume designer Anna Mary Scott Robbins revealed in an interview that the dress was over 100 years old. "A merchant I had made friends with ran a small shop in London, and he actually kept this dress in a box. It had never been worn." What do you say vintage-lovers, is it for you?


Game of Thrones - Sansa Stark

A dream dress for a nightmare wedding. Sansa Stark in the fifth season of Game of Thrones, the most loved and discussed fantasy series of recent years, walks down a snowy aisle to join Ramsay Bolton in a gorgeous white dress very much in line with her Nordic roots. The look built by the show's costume designer Michele Clapton for Lady of Winterfell perfectly renders the drama of the moment, from the rigid cut of the padded dress with shoulder straps to the maxi gown, very wide volumes and well-defined geometries. To complete it all, a fur shawl and a wonderful braid bun.


New Girl - Cece Parekh

Let's stay in the comedy series sphere and turn the spotlight on this perhaps unconventional but definitely fairytale dress. Cece and Schmidt, stars of the famous sitcom New Girl, exchanged vows in the fifth season finale, after a long and daring relationship. She, played by model-actress Hannah Simone, wore a gold sari complete with red and white flowers, while Schmidt paired the color scheme with a tan suit and red tie. The effect is rather wow.


How I met your mother - Robin Scherbatsky

It may not have been the most iconic wedding in the TV series, but the dress definitely deserved a spot on this list. The dress Robin Scherbatsky wore for her wedding to Barney Stinson in the ninth season of How I met your mother has something truly unique. Although the couple did not enthuse the audience of the show, who were rather cheering for the union with the architect Ted Mosby, the wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier chosen by the costume designer Reiko Kurumada is nothing short of exciting thanks to a romantic close-fitting cut on the bust with transparent three-quarter sleeves and half mermaid skirt, half in silk and half in tulle. A small crystal belt at the waist for a touch of light and enhancing the silhouette. Every detail of this look is breathtaking.


Suits - Rachel Zane

From one blue blood to another, but this time out of fiction. We conclude our list with the dress worn by the now famous Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, for her role as Rachel Zane in Suits, a beloved legal drama TV series on Netflix. For the wedding with the co-star of the show, Mike Ross, Rachel shows off a dress with V-neck fitted at the waist, maxi gown in tulle and lace, and floral applications, designed by Anne Barge. Perhaps the look is less popular than the real dress worn by Meghan for the Royal Wedding, designed by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy, but still for us it is so iconic.


Californication - Karen Van Der Beek

Another "wow" dress, this very simple satin wedding dress worn by Karen Van Der Beek (Natasha McElhone) in the first season of Californication, a hilarious late 2000s sitcom that tells the dissolute life of the writer Hank Moody, a character in many ways similar to the well-known Bukowski. For the end of the season Karen shows off a light A-cut dress in full Californian mood with an intertwining of ribbons on the bust and shoulder pads, very easy chic.