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The new t-shirts "Famous Cats" by Miu Miu

The portrait of five famous, multifaceted and free-spirited cats on a white shirt

The new t-shirts Famous Cats by Miu Miu The portrait of five famous, multifaceted and free-spirited cats on a white shirt

They say that felines have seven lives and that they live them in the name of courage, affection, play and independence. Anyone who has a cat knows this, he always wakes up in the middle of the night, observes you in the dark, often makes you think he is premeditating something. Yet, who is of the #teamcats, just can not do without the company of this strange animal that combines all. Miu Miu, a brand that has always been very fond of cats, dedicates to them a new capsule of five white cotton t-shirts, Famous Cats, with maxi print and accompanying text. Yes, because the protagonists are certainly not ordinary cats. True celebrities, whether they are anime, cartoon or cult movie icons, are ready to make your outfits very very purr-fect.

Jake is the extra-terrestrial cat from the 1978 American science fiction comedy, The Cat From Outer Space. Forced to land his spaceship on earth, he leads various humans on a series of tumultuous and overwhelming escapes; Jonesy is the red cat chasing mice, residing on the ill-fated USCSS Nostromo starring in the 1979 film, Alien. With Ellen Ripley, he is the only survivor of the mission.

Anime time for the three talking cats - Luna, Artemis and their daughter, Diana - who always sit on Chibiusa's shoulders, in the 1990s Japanese animation series Sailor Moon.
And then there's the unnamed cat from Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather, who was found wandering around the set, and who was later greeted by the cast and suddenly placed on Marlon Brando's lap. His purr further obscures the actor's famous muffled dialogue. Last but not least, Toodles Galore, from the cartoon Tom & Jerry created by Hanna Barbera, is the white cat with red lipstick and XXL lashes who always drives Tom crazy (and stammers), every time he meets him. As they say in France, c'est l'amour.