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Sanremo 2021: the best outfits and beauty looks of the fourth evening

From Madame's glow make-up to Francesca Michielin's bold and graphic eyeliner

Sanremo 2021: the best outfits and beauty looks of the fourth evening From Madame's glow make-up to Francesca Michielin's bold and graphic eyeliner

The fourth night of Sanremo Festival 2021 is the hardest to get through without falling into a sleep deprivation coma. There are no co-hosts or interesting guests, there's the final of the youth category, plus all 20+ singers in the competition have to perform as well. If we add to this Fiorello's and Amadeus' controversial performance of Siamo Donne by Jo Squillo and Sabrina Salerno, the abyss of boredom gets closer and closer. Finally, at a certain point, when we are about to give up, Mahmood comes on stage, supercool in Burberry by Riccardo Tisci.

Here are the looks of the fourth night of Sanremo.



Brand: Blumarine

Look: After the mini dress of the first evenings, Annalisa opts for a white suit with flared pants. The black brooch on the jacket gives a little twist to the outfit, but the result is still a bit too serious.

Result: 6,5



Brand: Etro 

Look: More and more Velvet Goldmine meets Iggy Pop: lace bodysuit, silver or python pants and great attitude. Beautiful also the dramatic eye make-up with black khol and shades of eye shadow ranging from silver to fuchsia.

Result: 8



Brand: Dolce & Gabbana

Look: Noemi goes classic with nude makeup and a black dress trimmed with silver glitter and a deep slit. She could be a bit more daring.

Result: 6,5


Achille Lauro 

Brand: Gucci

Look: He comes down the stairs hand in hand with Boss Doms, bride and groom in total white. Achille sings Me ne frego and Rolls Royce wearing what is perhaps his most beautiful outfit of this Sanremo edition: fringed and fluffy white dress, wavy and wild hair, styled in a messy tail, the flag of Italy in his right hand, a passionate kiss to Boss and Fiorello / black crow as a guest.

Result: 8



Brand: Dior

Look: As beautiful as the queen of a modern fairy tale. Madame went on stage with a glow make-up, wet hair, all slicked back, and a Dior dress with a metallic mesh top and transparent organza skirt.

Result: 8



Brand: Atelier Emé

Look: Black & white to the nth power. From the graphic line of the double optical eyeliner, which we are sure will be a must, to the coat with contrasting revers and cuffs.

Result: 7


Francesca Michielin e Fedez

Brand: Miu Miu, Versace

Look: Francesca in a swingin' sixties bon ton version. Delicious as always in her baby pink Miu Miu long dress with bows, pearls and crystals popping up here and there. The graphic eye make-up is a must: this year eyeliner is bold. Fedez opts, instead, for a total black outfit with a denim jacket with bling bling details, on the usual Versace printed shirt.

Result: 7,5 



Brand: Ferragamo

Look: Gaia is beautiful and bright in her glow make-up (beauty trend of Sanremo 2021) matched with a cerulean mini shirt-dress Ferragamo by Paul Andrew FW21.

Result: 8


La Rappresentante di Lista

Brand: Valentino

Look: Dario is still wearing a suit with a turtleneck sweater under the jacket, while Veronica is super glamorous in a coral red silk cape dress with matching long gloves.

Result: 9


Malika Ayane

Brand: Armani

Look: Chic. Malika in the most perfect Armani outfit she has worn this week: a total white jumpsuit accessorized with a fringed cape made of pearls and crystals. There's something about her hairstyle and dramatic smoky eyes that makes her look more and more like Lady Gaga.

Result: 6,5


Coma Cose

Brand: MSMG

Look: So far this is the coolest outfit of the couple. Beautiful is both the fiery red blazer (if you don't have a red power suit in your closet, you can't join Sanremo 2021) and the creamy eyeshadow that inflames Francesca's eyelids, who is also the best testimonial of the mullet.

Result: 8