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The style essentials of Paris Hilton

The first 2000s style icon, with looks made of glitters, low-waist and chihuahuas

The style essentials of Paris Hilton The first 2000s style icon, with looks made of glitters, low-waist and chihuahuas

Everyone knows Paris Hilton and that's a fact. The first real "influencer" many years before the Kardashian / Jenner team. If Beverly Hills makes us think of richness, Hollywood stars, maxi sunglasses and shoppers of luxury boutiques, we owe it to Paris Hilton.

It is probably one of the only fashion icons that made "transgressive" look cool, with low-waist, eccentric color palettes, dress ups for every occasion and chihuahuas in every picture. Paris is a controversial character: everyone thinks she is a stupid girl, but her trademark is actually her style and careless attitude. Just think of the covers of teen mags where she was portrayed with messy make-up and hair, or paparazzi shots at the airport that see her wearing hoodies and flip-flops.

We could talk about Paris for hours: from the beef with Nicole Richie and the one with Lindsay Lohan, to the photos hugging Hugh Hefner in the Playboy Mansion, to her 18 chihuahuas. Paris has become an icon, creating her own world and influencing people years before the era of social networks. From kisses in Arkansas with a local boy in the first series of The Simple Life to the sex tape with the consequence of her grandfather cutting the heredity... the nights with Britney Spears, car rides and parties with a still unpopular Kim Kardashian, to the arguments between girls just to make scandal, like real "drama queens". How can we forget the hits Stars Are Blind and Nothing In This World. Well, the icon of party girls from all over the world will always be Paris.
A fun fact: Paris met Naomi Campbell in Saint Tropez, on the occasion of Naomi's birthday, where Paris decided to entertain herself and everyone by dancing on the tables and saying "I invented ​​dancing on the tables at parties".

Paris reminds us of the 2000s, navel piercings in sight, consumerism, R&B, music videos with saturated colors, fake tanning. To celebrate Paris, nss G-Club collected a selection of pictures identifying some of the most original trends that characterize her style.



Skirts, skirts in any shape, skirts in any color, skirts of any length. Paris Hilton managed to change the imagery of the skirt, and how it is not a problem for girls to show "a few centimeters" of skin if they wish. For Paris the motto is "do what you want, if it works and you do it well". Like the time she went to the Barbie store and came out with a backpack for children. Here is a glorious selection of photos where the waist of Paris skirts is actually below the sea level.


Pets obsession

Everyone that loves dogs and animals should follow the Instagram page @hiltonpets and meet Paris's new favorite chihuahua, Diamond. We miss you Tinkerbell! A curiosity? All Hilton pets live in Beverly Hills in a "cottage" that was born as a dollhouse of Paris and Nicki when they were kids.


Bunny dress

A selection of photos with Paris Hilton dressed as a bunny could not be missing: every girls following Paris during adolescence was certainly impressed by the cult of dress up. One of the cult moments is when Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton create a styling on a chicken, in a camper van, in the second series of The Simple Life Coast 2 Coast.


The tracksuit

The 2000s were also the glorious years of tracksuits worn for any activity, from the ones that need comfort and agility in movements, such as training, to walks and evenings with friends, especially if decorated with glitters like those of Juicy Couture. Paris has made it a trademark, wearing them during travel and always combined with accessories such as designer bags and maxi sunglasses with very dark lenses.


The unforgettable looks

And finally here they are, the looks that only Paris could wear and that we will never forget. Enjoy!

Paris recently announced with a tweet the release of her documentary "This is Paris" (scheduled for September) in which she will reveal an unposted side of herself, a part of her life hidden from the audience, talking about some traumas she suffered during her childhood. We look forward to it!