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nss G-Club Giveaway: Glenda López

nss G-Club Giveaway: Glenda López

Fresh, young, clean and refined creations of high quality. The jewels by Glenda López, the designer born in Madrid in 1988, have changed the idea and the concept of contemporary jewellery, reaching a wider and alternative audience, that considers her creations the must-have item able to enrich even the dullest of outfits. Her creations are characterized by premium quality, thanks to the techniques that López learned from the most prominent craftsmen, professionals and designers of the industry. Over the last few years, Glenda has drawn the attention of the most important fashion magazines and newspapers, she showcases her collections every year in Paris and Shanghai, while her jewels are strictly manufactured in Madrid. 

In nss G-Club Advent Calendar you'll have the chance to win the latest Glenda López creation, an exclusive item yet to be officially unveiled, the Small Triple Golden Earcuff. It's a golden ear cuff that takes a cue from the signature aesthetic and forms of the brand, which often plays on gentle silhouettes, blunt angles and curved lines. 

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