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Bella Hadid is back, and with her also the eye liner

The black make-up line on her eyes stands out in Saint Laurent's campaign

Bella Hadid is back, and with her also the eye liner The black make-up line on her eyes stands out in Saint Laurent's campaign

Tumblr girls are over the moon. Bella Hadid was announced on June 28 as the face of the Fall24 campaign for Saint Laurent, under the creative direction of Anthony Vaccarello and photography by Gray Sorrenti. A single Instagram post, published simultaneously on the official profiles of the brand, the model and activist, and the creative director, was enough to transport us back to 2016, 2009, or 2004, depending on the viewer’s age.

Bella Hadid is the face of YSL's Fall24 campaign

In the shot, and we don't know if there will be more to follow, we see the Palestinian model lying diagonally on a bed. She’s wearing a ribbed mini dress with lace edges and a thin black belt with a buckle around her waist. No bra. Next to her is what appears to be a brown fur (or faux fur?) coat. Her hair is dark and tousled, naturally framing her face and falling behind her shoulders. Her lipstick is warm and natural, as is her complexion. The manicure is a nude pink. What really stands out, however, is a perfect winged eyeliner not seen in years, crafted by Kanako Takase.

Is the winged eyeliner back?

The references are many and all mixed together. After all, we are in the post-postmodernism era, and a single source of inspiration is impossible. In the photo of Bella Hadid lying on the bed, there are hints of the Seventies, but the hearts of the girls can't help but see a bit of Tumblr and a touch of Y2K. And the makeup confirms it. If the effectiveness of ambassadors and faces for the fashion houses is also measured in social buzz and trend revival, then we can say without fear of contradiction that the black eyeliner is back and that the Saint Laurent campaign with Bella Hadid is already a success.

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How to apply eyeliner just like Bella Hadid

Here comes the tricky part. How do you create that slightly vintage eyeliner line? It requires skill, and there’s no way around it. Finding the best product for us is a journey, an ocean we must dive into headfirst. Is a liquid or pen eyeliner better? With a brush or felt tip applicator? Another thing to consider is the shape of our eyes. Some wings may not suit us or might disappear into our eyelid crease. In short, we need to experiment, with Bella Hadid’s blessing.