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The go-to routine for elastic and shiny curls

Here's how to get lusciously soft locks

The go-to routine for elastic and shiny curls  Here's how to get lusciously soft locks

Whether curly, afro, or waves, those who have curly hair know: managing it is not always easy. The styling of the moment, however, is natural. Translated into practice, this means: messy wavy locks and full-bodied curls air-dried in perfect Seventies style, just like the trend wants. Some bubbly heads, with their charge of energy, trace the fun disco look, others suggest the idea of almost maniacal care. And in fact, curly hair, for it to be beautiful, must be very well cared for.

But let's start with the basics. The basis of perfect curly hair is always a perfect cut: to make the most of curly hair, the hair must be scaled and parted ad hoc to leave volume on the top of the head, while emptying the sides, especially if you want to avoid a hair look too voluminous. With a scaled hair cut, the hair is tidier, even if you decide to wear a side parting, instead of a central one - a highly recommended solution, if you have a long, square or rectangular face. In other cases - that is, if you have an oval or round face - you can also opt for a parting in the middle. Whatever the position of the parting, long curly scaled hair also lends itself to be collected in super glamorous hairstyles.

Moving on to care at home, the watchword for soft, airy curls is nourishment. In fact, it is often the case that the hair shaft tends to dry out and become brittle. Shampoo, conditioner, but also masks and oils, therefore, must be rich in nutrients, such as vegetable oils or ceramides, with softening action. Conditioner is a must: choose a delicate one, and apply it all over the head, insisting on the tips to better moisturize them. Compared to other hair types, you may have to leave the conditioner on a few minutes longer. To rinse, then use cold water and use a microfiber or cotton cloth to dry your hair before styling: this simple beauty gesture will prevent your hair from becoming electrified. What products should be used, instead, after shampooing? An oil, for example, to apply to wet hair. But a disciplining cream is also highly recommended. For drying, finally, prefer a diffuser that keeps the curl in its best state. Finally, remember never to brush dry curls: they could break and lose movement. To eliminate knots, work the locks with a wide-toothed wooden comb only after shampooing and with wet hair.

So far so clear, but how to choose the right products? nss G-Club has selected for you the 10 must-have products for curly hair: