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nss G-Club horoscope for 2021

What to expect from the new year according to the stars

nss G-Club horoscope for 2021 What to expect from the new year according to the stars

Bye bye 2020. Finally this year that put us to the test is over, and it's time to welcome the awaited 2021! It will be a year of revolution for all signs, thanks to the transit of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius. This passage marks a break between the old and the new, the individual and the social sphere. The sky is tinged with lightness and freedom for everyone. The focus, for each sign, will concern their desires and the way to achieve them. An exciting year is expected, a real “beginning” for the whole Zodiac. Happy New Year everyone!




The fear of making a mistake is only a distant memory! After this complex and somewhat heavy 2020, we are finally breathing a bit of lightness. 2021 invites you to dare, to throw yourself into new challenges and to think about only what you really want. Full speed ahead! Jupiter and Saturn are in a favorable aspect in your house of projects, I think it is not necessary to add more ... happy new year dear Aries!

Your resolution for 2021: Always try to finish what you started, without jumping from one project to another!



The first months of the year could start with a little impatience. Jupiter and Saturn in hostile aspect upset you: you still need to understand which way you are going. You feel you need something more, that great love that upsets your life or to take that step that you cannot take. Give time to things and take your time. I am sure that already from spring many situations will unlock, also thanks to the temporary transit of Jupiter in your house of new perspectives. Be confident!

Your resolution for 2021: Try to be less stubborn. Sometimes you are wrong too and it is right to grow up and know how to admit it. Work on it.



2021 promises to be an important year, a year of personal reconstruction. Jupiter and Saturn are in your home abroad, but by this I don't mean that you will drop everything tomorrow to move to America. But let's say that heaven invites you to push yourself a little further every day. To abandon your fears to go where you have not yet been. In short, you will see some good ones. Let yourself be guided by your great curiosity and do not be anxious to aim high. It will be a fabulous year!

Your resolution for 2021: Try to look beyond the surface of things and try to go deeper. It is difficult at first but you will be amazed at the hidden meanings of life.



Dear Cancer, you don't know how happy I am to tell you what I'm about to tell you: finally Jupiter and Saturn are getting out of the way! After a year of suffering, in which you have been massacred by everything and everyone and your mood has been perpetually underground, finally the music changes, and how it changes! 2021 is the year of rebirth, of lightness, of your free personal expression. It is the year of great transformations, which begin first with you and then invade all areas of your life. You deserve it. Happy New Year, break it all!

Your resolution for 2021: Do a material and emotional decluttering, lighten your memory box, in short ... take out everything you have to throw away! It will make you feel soooo much better, believe me.



Leo, 2021 is the year of confrontation, first of all with yourself. Jupiter and Saturn are in opposition and this means that you will have to face personal trials and obstacles, but who better than you can get the better of these? You have a unique determination and the fire that animates you is envied by the whole zodiac. In this 2021 you have to give a damn about others and think only of you. Many times you make a thousand paranoia about what others may think about certain of your choices, you have sacrificed your desires to make others happy, but this year the focus is on you. If you can really question yourself, you will rediscover the sides of you that you have left on the bench for too long. Surprise yourself!

Your resolution for 2021: This year try everything you think is not for you. You know that guy who just isn't your type, here ... give him a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised!



Dear Virgo, Jupiter and Saturn pass through your house of order and organization. And let's say that for a precise like you it couldn't be better! This sky has a double meaning: on the one hand it invites you to put firm points in your life. Some of your projects may stabilize, but remember that things don't happen by themselves, it also takes a bit of healthy personal will! On the other hand, the stars encourage you to be more daring, to try once and for all not to get stressed out by the things you can't control, to relax and enjoy new experiences. Give more space to your aspirations, to those talents you have left aside for too long. Take back what yours, and above all, have fun!

Your resolution for 2021: Look at the bigger picture of situations. Being obsessed with the details, the little things you can't control, distracts you from your purpose, which is more important. Focus on the whole!



2020 was by no means an easy year, quite the contrary. Especially the first part of the year saw you in great difficulty. But today I'm here to give you some very good news: it's time to throw you! Now you have the right sky and what it takes to do it. Jupiter and Saturn that have tormented you pretty well all last year, now enter your home of creativity and self expression. Invest in yourself, dedicate only to what you love and cultivate your talents and creativity like never before. It will be a great year, the sky is beside you.

Your resolution for 2021: This is the perfect year to work on your confidence! Try not to be hesitant and don't always think about the pros and cons of all things, the opportunities that could happen, etc ... Decide on the spot and trust your instincts. It will hold you some great surprises.



Dear Scorpio, 2021 has a very clear message for you: it is better to take risks, instead of sitting on the bench and watching life go by. The sky of this new year represents a personal challenge for you, also accomplices Jupiter and Saturn who are in quadrature. The stars push you to move from reaction to action. Furthermore, this year speaks to you of your roots and the need to establish them, in different areas of your life. Of course, stability is security, but also fear and fear. Realize that you should only do what is best for you. Your heart knows, listen to it.

Your resolution for 2021: Learn to forgive. Yes, it is possible even for a fierce scorpion like you. Having a grudge must no longer be part of your emotions, knowing how to say "I forgive you" must enter your vocabulary instead.



Sagittarius, it is undeniable that you are a great talker, but when there is something to really communicate, you go haywire. Things change in this 2021, however, thanks to Jupiter and Saturn entering into a favorable aspect in your house of communication. If you have something to say, do it! The New Year will give you a nice boost to say aloud all the thoughts you usually have in your head. By doing so, in addition to feeling better, you will be more aware of your personal power, you will be able to get in tune with more people, also making known a side of you that no one could imagine. Take courage and jump out of the bubble!

Your resolution for 2021: Try to count to 10 before saying something that could hurt the other person. We know your intentions are always good, but sometimes your bluntness backfires. Just think a little more, without immediately saying the first thing that crosses your mind. 



Capricorn, 2020 has been a year of slowdowns and stop for you, which you didn't like at all. The stop of Jupiter and Saturn in your sign for the whole last year made you feel a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and the stress was not lacking. But 2021 brings with it lightness and a desire for freedom. It will positively surprise you! It has been a year that has asked you to review your stability (economic, sentimental, working) to follow the flow of things more. Because many times stability does not mean happiness. Happy New Year!

Your resolution for 2021: Dear Capricorn, this is the perfect sky to try and put your control freak aside. Let yourself be guided by others, by life, live the unexpected without making you faint. Be light and free. At least try it, come on!



2021 is your year, dear Aquarius! Jupiter and Saturn enter your sign, bringing important new beginnings into your life. You are the protagonist of this new year, with your passions and your desires. It is the year of self-determination, it is you who must choose which path to take without being influenced by anyone. Heaven urges you to put yourself first and cultivate your love just like you never have before. Your life is changing, follow this continuous flow and never stop. It will be a year that will surprise you, for real.

Your resolution for 2021: This is definitely your year, and for this big sky you have to put in at least a little effort. Try to give your emotions and feelings more voice, without trying to suppress them. Start by letting yourself go to a public fuss in a public place, come on!



Dear Pisces, 2020 has been a year of long reflection for you. Let's also say that there was no lack of time to think… You looked within yourself and sought your truth. You questioned yourself and asked yourself many questions. Now, in 2021, these questions will be answered, the picture becomes clearer. The transit of Jupiter and Saturn in your twelfth house, that of intimacy and personal depth, pushes you to clarify yourself once and for all. The sky of the year asks you to choose, doing only what is good for you. And this will be the benchmark to be adopted throughout 2021. Happy New Year!

Your resolution for 2021: Tidy up, not only in your closet, but also in your head. Try to deal with one thing at a time, one emotion at a time, without falling into your perennial state of confusion. Leave this look in 2020, you can do it.


Illustrations by @illostyllo exclusive for nss G-Club