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Is Vera Wang really turning 71 years old?

Her love for work, many hours of rest and meditation are among her beauty secrets

Is Vera Wang really turning 71 years old? Her love for work, many hours of rest and meditation are among her beauty secrets

A miracle of Mother Nature? A body made of silicone and plastic surgery? A spell for eternal youth? None of this, actually.

The designer Vera Wang shows us proud on her Instagram page, every day, moments of her daily life, alternating with shots of her looks that reveal very long legs and super strong abs. Whoever happens to get on her IG account, without knowing her age, could safely think that she is not more than 30 years old, but in reality the designer has a few more spring on her shoulders. How is it possible that Vera Wang turns 71 today?

First of all, the American designer with Chinese origins seems to love what she does. In addition to being the designer par excellence of wedding dresses, worn by celebrities, public figures, appeared in films and TV series - such as Sex & The City, Gossip Girl, Bride Wars - she can boast a brand that extends far beyond the bridal couture: prêt-à-porter, accessories, glasses, perfumes and household items, a 360 degrees luxury and lifestyle brand.

After a debut as a fashion editor for Vogue, the role of Ralph Lauren's design direction arrives and then the creation of a brand of her own. It all started way back in 1990, with the opening of her showroom at the Carlyle Hotel in New York, which gave rise to a radical transformation of the sector. Initially Vera Wang Bridal House offered a selection of garments from designers such as Guy Laroche, Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior up to her personal bridal collection. In 2000, the success of her haute couture line drove her to the ready-to-wear debut, and in 2005 the Council of Fashion Designers of America named her "Womenswear Designer of the Year".

In short, a multi-year career during which Vera Wang has consolidated herself as an icon of refined, ethereal, and feminine aesthetics both in the field of bridal and ready to wear. Let's take a jump to 2019, when Vera Wang celebrated her first 30 years in the business, with an anniversary show during New York Fashion Week in September 2019, and, the following month, with her 60th bridal collection.

So what's her secret to keeping herself so young?

To this question, the designer answers telling about her routine, made up of meditation, training (weight lifting wearing heels), a lot of work and ambition, shopping and a huge dose of rest wearing Rick Owens tees. But also enjoying the sunset doing yoga with her little dog Lola, drinking (strictly Diet) Coca Cola and, occasionally, vodka-based cocktails.

I collect clothes, and I'm everyone's best client. I'll go to uptown, downtown, wherever: Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Jeffrey, Prada, Balenciaga, Comme des Garçons. I also shop in men's stores because I like to play with men's clothing. I know that sounds weird but I do. For example, I'm a hat fanatic, though I have so much hair and my head's so big that I have to wear men's hats

"I don't think Picasso woke up at five in the morning to go farming" I always say that. I need seven to eight hours of sleep. If I'm lucky, and it's a weekend, I get 10 hours of sleep. I wear Rick Owens T-shirts to bed. They are like my thermals, since I sleep with the room at near freezing temperatures, like a meat locker.