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Selfie Interview w/ Lous and The Yakuza

A first-hand narration of everyday life through images and words

Selfie Interview w/ Lous and The Yakuza A first-hand narration of everyday life through images and words

Lous is the anagram of "soul", synonymous with life, feelings, thought and action, considered as an entity separate from the body, the spiritual part of humans distinct from the physical part. Yakuza are originally the poorest, excluded from society, but for this young artist it is a way to pay homage to all the people who collaborate with her, who believe in her music and support her. Lous and the Yakuza is the stage name of Marie-Pierra Kakoma, Belgian singer of Congolese origins born in 1996, who grew up between Congo, Rwanda and Belgium, as she tells us in the video-interview.

Music is with her since childhood, when her family used to play music around her 24/7, and at 7-8 years old she began to write, laying the foundations of the music project that in 2019 took her to the top of the music charts with the single Dilemme and the following remix with Tha Supreme and Mara Sattei, that made her popular to the Italian audience as well.

My interest with music started so early that I can't even remember the moment I started being interested in music. Music it's bene there, around me, since forever.

Lous's new single Bon Acteur was just presented in digital format on the platform @colorsxstudios, with an emotional video, and from July 10th will also arrive on the radio. Trap and pop music blend with harmony, the lyrics are strong, passionate, denouncing a difficult love story, made of power play, lies, desire and resignation.

Lous's vision goes beyond music: she expresses her uniqueness with a style that blends ethnic and street influences, recalling icons like FKA twigs, Björk and Erykah Badu. On many occasions, including the filming of her video "Solo", Elena Mottola's styling enhanced these characteristics of Lous, with bold and sensual looks. Lous's style also reflects her strong spirituality and explosive creative energy.

The same creativity she also expresses through painting and drawing, as she shows us in the Selfie Interview along with moments of her day, her routine, revealing the different facets of her personality, in an intimate narration of herself.

A piece of advice by Lous? Be honest, to become the best version of ourselves, and always remember how unique and important we all are!