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Vanessa Hudgens and the privacy that we all deserve

Yes, even an actress who has just had a baby

Vanessa Hudgens and the privacy that we all deserve Yes, even an actress who has just had a baby

Vanessa Hudgens has just had her first child with her new husband, baseball player Cole Tucker. This is the news. The High School Musical actress's pregnancy wasn't a secret; in fact, she announced it on her own terms and in her own way on Instagram. We knew little to nothing about the timeline. The birth of her first child (whose gender and name are still unknown) was instead announced to the world through paparazzi photos showing Hudgens leaving the hospital in a wheelchair, happy and holding a bundle in her arms.

Vanessa Hudgens' Message and Photos with Her Baby

"We are very disappointed that our family's privacy was exploited and violated in this way during such a special moment by the greed of a long-range lens that then fed the media. Despite everything, mom, dad, and baby are happy and healthy," the actress shared on Instagram, without adding anything more or posting additional photos, but conveying in a few words all her irritation towards the stolen shots, which unfortunately have made their way around the web, impossible to stop.

Everyone Deserves Some Privacy and Control Over Their Life, Despite Fame

We talked about this before when Sophie Turner accidentally posted a picture of her daughter on Instagram, then pleading with anyone who saw or saved it to delete it and not to share it further. Months have passed, yet it seems that the right to privacy for famous people who consciously choose to keep parts of their lives (and their children, who are minors and vulnerable to any kind of misconduct and cannot consent to the sharing of images) off social media first and out of the public eye second is still an issue. It's undoubtedly an economic matter; certain shots are sold to the press and earn photographers and agencies a lot of money. However, there is also some blame on the public, who demands images and information, often forgetting that famous people are still people.