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Deva Cassel is not just a nepo daughter

The voice of Ennui in Inside Out 2 takes her space

Deva Cassel is not just a nepo daughter The voice of Ennui in Inside Out 2 takes her space

Deva Cassel is on everyone's lips, and it's not surprising. The daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel entered show business a few years ago as a model and is now steadily making her mark. Her latest venture, which further paves the way for a film career, is voicing Ennui (Boredom) in the Italian version of Inside Out 2, a Pixar film that has conquered the global and Italian box office, grossing nearly 17 million euros and attracting more than 2 million viewers in just five days of release. Her big-screen debut was in the film La bella estate, directed by Laura Luchetti and based on the novel by Cesare Pavese.

Deva Cassel, the social media darling

In addition to her career as a model, actress, and voice actress, Deva is also a star on social media. On TikTok and Twitter, clips from her promotional interviews for the film go viral, with users noting not only her resemblance to her stunning parents but also her fresh and undeniable charm, her magnetic gaze, and her presence in front of the camera—delicate yet confident, perhaps owing to her Franco-Italian heritage. In short, she is a Gen Z cool girl who effortlessly draws attention, participates in the most talked-about events of Paris Fashion Week and Haute Couture Week, and has a bright future ahead. She is impossible to ignore.

What do we know about her? Boyfriend, age, future projects

Deva was born in Rome in 2004, in September, making her a Virgo. She was the face of Dolce&Gabbana and recently she was spotted among the illustrious guests at the Dior show, for which she is a beauty ambassador. Last fall, she made her relationship official with Saul Nanni, a promising Italian actor born in 1999, known for his roles in Sotto il sole di Riccione, Supersex, and Love & Gelato. Previously, she walked the red carpet with Luca Calandra. Her future holds a wealth of opportunities. First, we will see her on Netflix in the series The Leopard. And after that, who knows.