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HƏr Fest, the festival that gives voice to dreams

Scheduled for March 25 and 26 in La Faggiola (PC)

HƏr Fest, the festival that gives voice to dreams Scheduled for March 25 and 26 in La Faggiola (PC)

Paolina Consiglieri, founder of Non è tutto rosa, an association dedicated to women's empowerment, is back with a new project, born, as always, from the desire to unite, listen to and reach out to more and more women in need of support, by building a real network: Hər Fest. For two days, on 25 and 26 March, a team led by consigliere and business developer Arianna Basso will host in La Faggiola, in the province of Piacenza, a weekend full of lectures, workshops, panel discussions and one-to-one meetings with guests from all over Italy (and beyond), from different sectors and backgrounds, to offer different perspectives and provide case studies that can become inspirations and reference points for those who are building their own path from scratch.

This is a festival dedicated to sharing and education, with the first day focusing on professional growth and addressing topics such as start-ups, leadership, social media communication, digital branding and jobs, among others, explained by Silvia Wang, co-founder of Serenis, and Veronica Boienti, mastermind of the UglyCakes project. On 26 March, however, the focus will shift to mental health and personal growth, with talks by two Radio Italia speakers on self- and body-acceptance, coping with change and the courage to act, and work-life balance, along with artists such as Carlotta Bertotti, actress and yoga and health coach Margot Sikabonyi, and many other guests. In addition, all festival-goers can enjoy fragrance experiences from Itinera Cosmetics, an "ugly" corner from Lumì Home Fragrances and Veronica Boienti from Ugly Cakes, as well as the BStradi foodtruck for lunches and breaks.

Here you can find all the information and the link to register for the Hər Fest.