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The problem with Nepotism babies

Vittoria Ceretti to Lily-Rose Depp "Appreciate and know the place you come from"

The problem with Nepotism babies   Vittoria Ceretti to Lily-Rose Depp Appreciate and know the place you come from

Nepotism is not a new concept in the entertainment world. The phenomenon of Nepo-babies has been much talked about in recent times, and yesterday on social media another chapter was opened on the subject. Nepo-babies are daddy's children who inherit success thanks to their last name and all the benefits that come from having friends or relatives already in the entertainment industry, thus having a fast track to high-level jobs.  Vittoria Ceretti responded on social media to Lily-Rose Depp and led the public to reflect on the concept of celebrity and acquired a reputation, also pointing out how nepotism is a double-edged knife,a privilege and/or condemnation, but above all a problem to be solved.

Vittoria Ceretti spoke out on Nepo-Babies, specifically after an interview with the famous magazine The Cut by Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of celebrities Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. In the interview, Lily- Rose, talks about her rejection of the label of nepo-babies, which sees her and many others in the crosshairs of public opinion regarding their ability to achieve success more easily than others, precisely because of their parents' fame. Lily states that the question "whose daughter are you," is not the only thing that gives access to getting a part, for example. She argues, in fact, that it is one's own ability and the fact that one is potentially suited for that part that allows one to truly achieve. Inheriting the last name may facilitate, but hard work and commitment, are what determine your success.

Lily Rose's negative reaction regarding the definition of nepo- baby, might make one think about how nepotism can mark "daddy's kids" in showbiz, for example, creating very high expectations from everyone as they are mistakenly thought to inherit their parents' talent as well.On the other hand, however, this condition stirs the waters and the thoughts of those who in life have earned the respect and recognition of others, and a large slice of fame, on their own: Vittoria Ceretti, who had recently shared on social media a reflection on how today thanks to her hard work, she has the opportunity to decide which brand to model for or not, after 10 years of career publicly accepting a no small privilege, which highlights her "power in the market".  

Ceretti wrote in an Instagram story that Depp, should appreciate where she comes from and be more appreciative of the position she holds. Vittoria, went on to say that it is precisely nepotism, which has made her aware of unpalatable realities Such as those that happened during the first modeling castings, where people with no apparent merit, overtook her thanks to a high-sounding last name. The supermodel, she recounted when she could not afford the return flight ticket after very long and exhausting castings, and how she saw her colleagues being able to hug their parents while sitting comfortably on expensive couches, or return to their loved ones in a chauffeured Mercedes. This led Vittoria to talk about the concept of respect, and not to make comparisons, because when you are in an affluent position, you cannot understand the many difficulties that today's young people, who are really starting from scratch, have to face, highlighting the inequalities of a system that is already exclusive and exclusionary in itself, a bubble with elite intersections within which nepo-babies are part of and to which self-educated people aim, trying to approach to bring them closer by perhaps becoming friends with them. This is an unhealthy mechanism in one of the most thriving industries on the international scene, which should like the whole system be yes meritocratic, but primarily more transparent about its internal connections. 

It is still obvious the difference that exists between those who inherit success and those who become someone through their own talent and hard work. Perhaps the real solution to the problem, would be to apply more selectivity, and impartiality to casting, but when choosing well-known faces or those who have as added value the reflection of their relatives' popularity. This happens because people are already thinking at the selection stage about the media success of the product, and thus making "easy" choices that can guarantee the content greater resonance than a famous and recognizable face guarantee. The truth is that talents must be cultivated, and there is not always time for that in the fashion world.