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Italian coolest pet friendly beaches

To bring dogs have a splash in full italian style

Italian coolest pet friendly beaches To bring dogs have a splash in full italian style

People who have never had a dog, want one badly, and decide to get one may not know some of the things they will have to give up. Not only that basking in bed until late morning will be a distant memory: from morning needs to a 2 p.m. walk in the hot sun to make him feel good you will try to please him in every way. But for his endless affection and total loyalty, that and more. Among the many things you will have to adapt to will be beach life, because many lidos do not accept four-legged friends and because you will have to have some foresight. But fear not, we are here to suggest a few tricks to make fido comfortable and the most beautiful lidos in Italy where you can enjoy a nap in the shade with your furry bff, or to unleash him all proud from the sunbed to the shoreline for a refreshing swim (always keeping him monitored, with his ears well away from the seabed). First, though, let us give you a few tips so he doesn't get too hot if this is your first beach experience with your adorable pooch. Or big dog. That is, if, and here we have to tell you this with an open heart, he doesn't take a dislike to the dog in the beach umbrella next door (in which case, good luck in the true sense of the word).

The anti-heat rules for the well-being of dogs at the beach

The first rule is to always remember not to let the dog walk with his paws on the hot sand; he might get burned. And then recreating the perfect habitat for him by spreading a towel in the shade, under the umbrella, providing yourself with a bowl of water, which must always be cool (and also to prevent him from drinking seawater, which could cause some intestinal problems). If he is not a bathing dog 'amare, with a towel, give him sponge baths of cool water to allow him to be chilled at all times, and in case of excessive heat, put some sunscreen, made from natural ingredients, on his paws and abdomen. For the rest, be sure to have fun. True, the dog is always in charge, but you deserve a little relaxation too.


Italy's coolest pet-friendly beaches

1. Pasha Glam Dog Beach, Tuscany

A beach resort with a dog-friendly beach in the wild setting of the Sterpaia Natural Park in the Follonica area. Here all the amenities for you and your furry ones are waiting for you, as well as refrigernated bathrooms.


2.Tiliguerta Dog Beach, Sardinia

Has an equipped area for dogs on the beach, in the dream setting of Costa Rei, where they are free to play, run, socialize and swim. This lido is the benchmark for those who want to spend a vacation in Sardinia on white sand with a crystal clear sea at their complete disposal.


3. Rimini Dog Bagno 81, Emilia Romagna

The beach for dogs that has a motto: "no problem" to our four-legged friends. Entirely dedicated to our trusty furry friends, it offers a dedicated area where they can all have fun together.


4. Bau Bau Village, Liguria

The Ligurian coast has always fascinated tourists and locals, but since 1997 at Bau Bau Bau Village even four-legged friends have become tourists. The beach offers all the comforts for dogs and owners to spend days full of movement and tranquility, in the beautiful setting of the Savona waterfront.


5. Doggy Beach, Friuli Venezia Giulia

The first bathing establishment in Legnano Sabbiadoro highly equipped to accommodate dogs (and companions). Here dogs can take a dip in the sea without any restrictions.