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Wellbeing geometries according to Nike Yoga x Dérive

A practice that runs on the path of yoga united to music in 3 appointments at Spazio Maiocchi

Wellbeing geometries according to Nike Yoga x Dérive A practice that runs on the path of yoga united to music in 3 appointments at Spazio Maiocchi

Imagining lying on a mat looking at the sky in the heart of Milan is not a utopia, but the real magic created by GEOMETRIE, the collection of events in collaboration between Nike Yoga and Dérive under the banner of the polydisciplinary contamination between yoga and music. The awareness of the holistic practice of yoga makes the body the protagonist of the project three appointments focused on connection, awareness and individual and collective contact with the present, physicality and space, which in this case is the versatile cross-disciplinary venue Spazio Maiocchi that combines physical and collective dimensions thanks to the support of Slam Jam. Nike Yoga is active in the international scenario to promote movement and the holistic vision of yoga at 360 degrees, because it firmly believes in its ability to improve the lifestyle of those who approach yoga by supporting progress rather than perfection of execution.

This is why the yoga classes conceived by yoga teacher and visual artist Letizia Scarpello are site-specific and welcome a heterogeneous class of around 40 people at each appointment, to welcome experts and non-experts alike into an experiential practice that combines live musical acts performed by ever-changing artists and the exploration of well-being through progress at each stage. Each stage is based on three fundamental plane figures, working on the investigation of three different moments of body, mind and spirit with the square, the triangle and the circle and their evolution. This interesting theme stems from Letizia's encounter with the nature of the Dérive project by Germano Centorbi and Marco Gardenale:

As a visual artist, I am used to working in space for site-specific interventions, conceptual projects, abstract installations and precisely made of essential geometries. I think of the body as a point, movement as a trajectory. For this reason, in bringing into dialogue two disciplines such as yoga and music (which construct much of their practice from movement), I identified geometric figures as a possibility of investigation for the cycle of the three yoga classes of this edition

The 3 classes for finding inner harmony are simultaneously live-streamed on the NTC App and made available online in the following days. The live-streamed calendar of events is also supported by Wilden Herbals, a brand of natural beverages and selected products that accompanied participants to the first lesson on 24 May with a square theme, the second with a triangle theme on 14 June and the third with a circle theme on 5 July. Another fundamental element that crowns this combination of positive forces to create well-being is the sound, generated at each event by a different artist. During the second instalment of GEOMETRIE, sound designer Sara Berts (after Sabla and before Tomat in the calendar) talked about how working with long sounds and slow modulations with an electronic background is perfect for coherently guiding the execution of movements to a deep rootedness:

For the soundscape I composed for the practice inspired by the geometry of the triangle, I used a Buchla Music Easel, a semi-modular synthesiser. I worked with long sounds, generated by sine waves modulated by low-frequency triangular waves, to which I added some arpeggios and field recordings.


Union, sharing and time are precious gifts that movement grants to those who move in a space to create energy and spread positive energy, as Nike Yoga and Dérive are doing with their collaboration. Full details of the project are available on their websites and social pages.